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Full text of "Elinora Reynolds (1900-1979) Letters 06 EQM to parents"

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Dear Mummie, 

I'm suffering from a han£--over--caused* by 
too little sleep and too much scotch and soda, 
(!B8y goodness, that is a brash statement and might 
cause somebody alarm) Do not be alarmed. Gee 
Whiz— I feel EJEALLY wonderf ull. In spite of the 
fact that I could hardly think today I feel 
swell. Oh to get back to the hang-over, I spent 
the past weekend — all 36 hours of it at YALS 
UNIVERSITY. 3ffiy, haw I love that place, I'm goii^ 
to send all ny children there. This time I saw 
the other side of Yale as opposed to the intell- 
ectual side I saw with Bob. I might as well staitl 
from the beginning and tell the whole story in 
chronological order. You are at the advantage 
of not having to read this and I'm at the' dis- 
advantage o^ having to write it. Oh boy— watt a 
time. Well-- 

Friday at noon a good friend of mine named 
Janet*who is a senior approached me and said 
"What does your date for Saturday nite mean to 
you?" and I said 11 nothing" • So she said that 
her man at Yale had called the nite before and 
ordered her to bring "too extra girls with her 
when she went up for the Yale dance weekend, 
Af&er due consideration (about two seconds) I 
bcoke iry date, borrowed a formal and dashed up 
to Yale with her (the next day at 3 after a blood 
donor appointment) . 

I realise that a "big f_aux_pas is evident — I shouldn't 
have broken a date to a Columbia- inter-fraternity dance on 
such short notice. At first I had qualms of conscience which 
soon passed away. Put this was OPPORTUNITY that only knocks 
once — I mean really, especially since I may not go to school 
next year, etc. And I certainly don't regret having gone. 
You should have seen me Friday though--I nearly went mad tryiig 
to decide what to do, as you can probably imagine. 

Well, skip an hour and a half of traini/and we are pulling 
into the beautiful metropolis of Hew Haven where we are met 
by three students of the university. I got the best of the 
bargm. His name was Roger Miller; he was an accelerating 
junior history major. He wasn't the most beautiful thins; I 
ever saw but he certainly wasnflt gruesome. He had a delightful 
sense of humor just like mine (no remateks necessayy) and we had 
fof^ y °i d „ time ' Really. The whole affair reminded, re of Fay 
1944 _ and George only this time I didn't fall in love. In 
passing, I might say he was greatly impressed by me and had 
a really smooth way of saying such things. You know what I 
mean no doubt. 

Well(again<), the first thing we did. was go to an empty 
college (dorm) called Silliman where we girls were to siav. 
..hen across the street to Timothy Dwighf College (ROh's collet 
where the boys all lived. \'le (six couples) went to one of the 
boys rooms. (Digression — the dorms there are really neat. 
Two boys together have two bedrooms, a hallway, and a sizable 
living room. The walls were panelled, big windows--oh they 
make Rarnard.'s look like little holes. All of Yaljr rakes all 
of Columbia like terrible) There we had champagne and sat 
around and talked and all got acquainted. I drank two glasses 
of champagne which was good and a half a glass of bourbon and 
water which was awful, and felt fine. Any subseauent unsteadire 
oS step I blamed on the loss of one pint of blood. That also 
impressed the boys. "MY God, woman, I thought it took days 
to recover from that." 

next on the agenda. Dinner in TD dining hall. I had beei 
there before but then I was the only girl. Then, we went and da 
changed to formal clothes and Roger in a tux took me to the 
Glee Club concert. Vvhich was very good. I like to hear a 
lot of rales singing and they really could sing. 

Then the dance from nine to one. Good music, good danc- 
ing, lots of people, fun, fun, fun. We danced pretty well 
together and when we weren't dancing we sat on the bleacher wife 
with two or three other oouples playing crazy gaires. At the 
dance J saw two people I ahad seen when with Robert—The head- 
master of TD and a 14 year old genius. Ro^er knew who Rob 
was and told ire a few of the same stories Rob had. Those Yale 
men are lice a barrel of monleys with all their brilliant 

One A" . Arired with bottles and blankets we five couoles) 
set out for the open fields near the cherr labs for a -oicnic. 

(Digression-I hope you don't rind all this, the weekend, j 

mean. Of course I couldn't have asked you first! I knew about 
8.11 the drinking first--so did Heinle— -and I was prepared to 
do my share. Janet said the boys didn't want a prig so If 
I -wouldn't drink I couldn't go.' I figure I'm old enough and it 
intelligent enough to know what to do and when. And I knev 
Janet well enough to k in ow that her friends friends were very 
lik&yto he a nice sort o^ people who know when to stop--drinkis 
and otherwise, furthermore I'm telling everything hecaase i'tb 
never done anything I'm ashamed to tell at leapt my own mother. 
And still furthermore I lifce to tell you all of this "hecause 
I feel you know just what I rean hecause you used to go on 
similiar parties* didn't you?) (end of digression) 

We are now settled comf ortably on the grass eating ham- 
bergs we got en route and a carpus cop with a flaslight comes 
and tells us we're making too ruch noise and "besides we'll 
have to go home hecause everyone is getting chased home. 
Sorry, I hate to break up yoiu? party. We wait a while till 
he leaves and things quiet down and then we move several 
feet and settle dov.-n again. Koger rearranges the bar, we 
get nut the rest of the hambergs and everything is fine. 
f-cothh and soda this time which I didn't like and as a *elw4 
result unobtrusively watered the grass with it. Roger 
drank his scotch straight which I sipped from time to time 
and: liken much better. We talked and sang alittle and Roger 
got slightly drunk but not unpleasantly so. About Dvree two of 
the couples left and soon after it started to rain so we all 
burrowed, under the blankets. Roger got slightly romantic and 

wp rl ffici.d r-'r i w hp n E was ■ 3 and-Jha wa s 25 we^wo u Id me e JL,-muje - - - 
the "R'ltmore clock and then get married. (I have no idea 
whether we'll be those two ag-es at the same time) He was 
trying to kiss me but was too dopey to know I Wasn't letting 
hire ro everyone was happy, "finally we all v/ent home. At 
twenty to six I crawled ini% between scratchy Yale university 

I'Text morning we were going to go riding but hj* unanamous 
consent decided who was goins to get up at nine anyway? BO 
we slept to ten or eleven. TheK Roger and I wandered around 
the campus while the other three put the fourth frirl who had to 
go home early on the train. Then we rejoined, had dinner, v/an^ 
dered around dome more listened to records and at four went 
To Rogers rooma (5 couples) and had manhattens (one for me-- 
it was good — one for everyone as far as that ,p;oes) f-ftdj danced. 
Then dinner in TD, up to someone's room to talk, down to the 
station and home at 10:15. It doesn't sound like we did much 
Sunday but we really had a wonderful time doing it. The boys 
gawe each of use girls a Yale sports shirt. Mine is miles 
too big but I like it anyway. 

Well, it was a nice weekend. T will tell you in not- 
quite-so-much-detail about weekend before last as soon as we'ra 
both had a breathing spell. 

Definitely the typewriter is to be blamed for all mis- 
takes. I'm trying to write as much as possible in as little 

time as possible. 

Aunt Heinie isn't coming home for supper* She wanted me 
to oo ok some stuff for mine hut I can't see doing that so 
when I finish this I willeat a "banana on cereal and do my 
homework. It id now ten of seven. I came home from the 
museum (geology class) pretty prompts "because I got sick to- 
day. There was a letter from Robert which I re*d after making- 
tea and getting comfortable on the bed. His letters are long 
and nice. It was very comfortable sitting here drinking tea" 
and reading it. He has a nice way of saying nice things a,nd 
I felt as though he were talking to me. Then I thought I 
would'' like to talk to you which I feel as though I'm doing 4© 
now though it probably doesn't sounfl the wry I talk. I really 

I wrote to Daddy in Spanish. I hope he doesn't have as 
much trouble reading it as I did writing it.' 

I didn't forget you Fother's Day and thought about you 
as much as I do every other day which is really quite a lot. 
Some say I should have done something to show I thought of 
you then but you shoul/' know I think of you always. In other 
words, I, too, think Mother's Day is silly and I hope jnu r) on *t 

Did you all see the picture of tall John Rawlings of In- 
dianapolis- in the April 2 Life ? I got the issue especially fin 
a girl because I heard that article was in it and I wanted to 
see if I knew anyone but he was the only one. It was funny 
seeing pictures of the familiar buildings of the Circle. 

Unless the weather man does something pretty quick I'll 
not get around to wearing cottond.v<z-^*5. 

I will probably come June the fourth. At least those are 
my plans now. 


Thanks loads for getting material. Gee whiz, I'm anxious 
to get home. There are three million things I want to do 
whil* there including but*erflying. f 


Now then — the weekend before last. I did go to Janes and 
had a grand time. In fact we cut up something fierce.' As 
usual we giggled (I hate that word with a passion) I r -ad 
your very nice letter on the train going over. There were. 
three other Barnard girls going the same general direction' so 
I had lots of fun. I also had a letter from George who is 
now in Idaho. He is a dear boy. (You are dear, too) 

Jane and Ceny met me at the station and we went right hoe 
and had a delicious lamb dinner. After we talked ard JTane and 
I went to that little store for eggs. At first I was^liuch 
impressed by Ceny (Too adolescent to be married) b» t the more 
I saw of her I decided she was a nice, very, girl* She said 
to tell you she didn't rrean to spell canape wrong when she 
wrote to you but I didn't know what she was talking about thoife 
you must., The next day we went over to Jane's school which 
**b very interesting and lots of fun. That night we had dates 

with sailors from Kuhlenberg which was also lots of fun. 
Sunday we slept late, ate dinner at the Traylor, walked, fcalkeS 
and she played the piano for me. And then I went home after 
a very pleasant weekend. Jane I like very much, I made her 
laugh by saying "Hello" or HI', Hank 11 every time I passed 
Kenny's picture, Tt is a good picture. 

My poison ivy is practically a thing of the past. It 
really wasn't much "bother "but it surely hurt my pride J 

I8m stopping, it' 's not that I haven't anything to say 
hut I'm getting restless, Kayige later this evening I'll feel 
like wriwting more, (Goodness, child, haven't you written 
enough?) — {c3S-\- — 

-QL \SU& u«M )JU&. •$&*) 


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LO&jl^ 'hzs A^z*^ Ten. S"^: ^tru. i/t<ae^ 

7i> T5*Jk. -£UU~x fart ck utM[<l jux^^. 

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lA~- a. QfL^jLucruiL^ {^°^> o^k C^K. 

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<&4 /kW ^ "^ ^^ ^ V J^ ^ 

Cms. « S ^ca^^'i^ hmCU WoJt_ 

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fr™~M2- - *5 JL^^jul. /yy^trui L*-t-vs*^ u> jt^*"^ 
jkcsi^~o V S^unv-y^ H^t^^A. QAMlK^y^ 



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Jtwj, K^kh^^^k 

2>b\ tcKsoX CmaX^v^ ^V 

e> e , y 


November $L 


Dear Mamacita— 

What a racket! Well, she hasn't anything more for me to do today 
so 1(511 type until five thirty because I have to stay to answer the phone 
anyway. Sometimes she lets me go home early when I'm through but today 

she's downstairs and the phone might ring 

^<To Jfc^JLuu^ _ ^4^7 

I haven't written to you for twp weeks but I think I wrote to Baddy 
a wee k or so ago so I daresay you know my greeting cards days are gone for- 
ever. I am designing (ha) a Christmas card for myself and am going to make 
stencils for it and roll off a couple dozen — However I think I'll get Heinle 
to do the actual stenciling J 

This job is kind of fun — and I must say I'm surprised I've got it. I 
never pictured myself as a private secretary — «hich is what I am. By the 
way my official typing is MUCH better than this!. It's not because I don't 
love ypu that I use such atrocious typing— I'm just In a hurry!!! Well, 
the job — sometimes I get tired~-ph£sically — from r unning around all over 
the town, but I have been a few Interesting places. I remind me of Henry 
and the Danner Company. And I enjoy typing so the indoors part of the job 
is ok. I get a kick out of the informal doppy arrangement they have here. 
Helen is the older of two sisters and is an artists representative. All 
the work and correspondence between artist and publisher go thru her —and 
mj (ahem) — hands. Her sister is an artist and spend3 all day sitting 
here and drawing babies mostly. 

I guess I'll go home 




tCdt fi~erxc£L< 

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£3 ^w'f Uj£^ ^T^f^L ^ u^ ^WJ) 

CX^^j. LiT^U /3lV0 t-o -a- /O^V^^-lfi^C) 6<^*tc^-^l 


, I 

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— - - I *w 

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Jk/pajL 1* 

L/CwCc^cJ — ■«- 




^ |U^~ b-^~~ ft<™^ 


i ^K*c //t ^at^^J 

-fit ^lUofc^ K^— - 





fe<L_ ,y2p^t^o j^ 'B^oJU 

^ »♦ 

^Laa^L^S^^^o crv^ <*- dUJU VotiU c^^4 

f^J^Jl. Ct^ojsX^ 

JU-e^ feo iM-h^, AM^ fY^CSl J[Z yyyJL 

h^ ICC LA^Un ta^ /Uv^niH /*~ to ^-1^-oU 

<^ tfit ^Uffiz^ fLQl*-^ 'Y^ > °^ -^M 

tLru^^fc^ K ^w **** ^w^Lti CCA 

/[/y^ 1 ^ 



Jt-c^&t Jt 






J^yt^^O (A ( iffcwt*- 



Dear Ma— 

Here I sit with my foot in a bucke* of hot 
water— -Gad— I'm a wreck. Also I have so much work to 
do— scholastic and otherwi -e— that I don't know where it 
to start. A So I guess I'll write to you. f 

First leave me "burden you with my physical 
ea aches and pains. In PB I signed up for' rock climbing turned out to be a perfectly fascinating and 1 

■■ n our first climb I managed to kee^ up with the boys, 
/ell Belayed (tied and anchored, alpinely speaking) by 
my climbing companion I climbed up and DOW agMn a 
fifty foot cliff face. I wasn't the least bit frighten- 
ed and thought it very much fun-Switzerland, he?e I 
core. sut the next day my .arm muscles and solar nloync 
were WmHSlY sore. The following Sunday a?tern?^ 
just about recovered from my rock climbing stiffness 
:; ur hall had a baseball g me with rne of t e men"s *'ll, 
The g,™ was really a riot-ths men batted with one 
hand and Still b~at us^-we couldn't seem to catch the 
balls and they couldn't seem to miss +herr:. At aw 

"*• n - "*«* up my b,ek and leg muscles for the next 
Few days. And just as I graa recovering f r«n *hat I 

vent_t<- rock climbing class . in. This ■ tSe l? was 

fining and we had to stay indoors. We learned how to 
use a rope passed between the legs, bright around one 
hip, across the f f on1 and over • shoulder to assist 
us in cii ing. We oi±i bed up and down fc] @ brick 
:: r °1 **« p* 3 like so r^ny spiders. After I got uafeL 
to the *>naation of diking ?,own a rail T , L -);oye| it 

™°? ly T"' X mtt8 * a Jf r«rat i seem I .. - tf- 

encd % At an ^ ^e this time r managed t »et a gizahL 
"«p« tell on -r delicate, n -, ^hite neck. Stable 

AHD jut 1 - as I ,va.3 recovering from t**stt— T *** 
on a weekend trip. An overnight excision compete w-i?U 
sleeping hags to the Brown County of Ohio, H^M%«,Jr 

SSSfc-Sfti Ab °S 3lAte8n ^ds went and' we' Sad t ^ 

2£V?ni Thero wa, a deep gorge cut in the tftafe 

had a super time taking it all in on the rS--we reaXLv 

covered ground. But ala s , and here it coief, Qo^ley 7 

lajuoged one height, and leap down to hery* fate bfloJ- 




her fate being a sprained ankle. DAI££T . Did you ever 
have a sprained an!>e ~i + hurts like the vcy devil. f 
It wasn't too bad yesterday--! limped. :*>&*. last night 
art it seemed to be going tc be all right ( I thought I %6 
Just t.isted it) but it kept me frtm sleeping later and 
this morning I couldn't walk on it. I .met to the infi* 

v "nd had it X rayed hvA thank God it is only a 
sprain. It Y 3 all very H*M*#±&«r annoying but it has its 
using aspects. Two $>oys pused kg' over t the infir- 
. ",ry on a M ke nd later two boys carried rn;e frcK one 
cl-'.33 in the science building to another in the it ixutiH 
A.11 in all people have been v^ry prop'itidus--- 

Knough of that — and time out while I ge J my p 

foot out of the bucket g r re wrap it in the funny elasti 

I keep looking in 'he mails for L&@ p;.'aen rug 
If you bav-n't sent it yet would vcu rind putting a tan 

.-indbreaker that's in ry cedar closet (used tc be Kike**) 
ani ay rhite sailor hat that's hanging on my mirror in 
the third floor in it. If you've already sent it doiff 

•orry--tlie hat is unessential and I can borrow jackets 
until later. I f m art ill wearing swea'ers and skirts-*- 
30 //ill let you knc-; .vhen I'll be needing co J on stuff. 

Gjve the encloedd to Daddy and tell bijn I 
signed a #200 nots to be due en or "before June 1. I 
thank- te.itu$ for tfte nice letter and the dough. I hone 
it is all worth it -- GadJ but I do love'th.i. s plaoe. 
lore, love iove you all must come and see It, 

Right now I must confess, I aft "behind in rw' 
work, quit© - bit. 3u1 I just turned over the thi aeH* 
leaf f« since I've "been here sn expect great things! IK 
me, its so easy to deviate from the straight, and narrow! 
I have been pretty good + h.eugh--no drunkenness, no comr ow 

I went to church faster Sunday in a rethn M sT 
church (blah) with .chin and her mother who was he e hh<df 
weekend. It was fun meeting Roh' s mother and I hop© 
•>h Till have the chance to meet you — 

? nch more x c say— OE.l millions of things—but 
it's five of four and I'm afraiad I've got "ne algebra, 
two three or possibly four %i-?g trig^-lessons, one 
chem lesson and two hah -eports, two germ-n lessons and 
some life science tc read. Also laundry, letter writing 
and general cleaningup. Ah sweet life, so it goes ' 

day after day and Mow we lr-ve it. IT roommate was so 
damn sweet this morning when she found I'd "been un 
most of the night wailing about me ankle- -"Oh, honey, 
why didn't you wake me. Gee, %ulg, you should have let 
me know." Gad, I had a m.izzerable night-- 

Much love to all — 

7 K'lfa \i. 




/m»**WU I ^W*n \fitfl 


on osoiwna 



W^r^T^cS *L 


hie n ci ~*i2y^ 



P/Z^rr^Q >%*> 

7^^ !) fW^ 
ifyft ,^i&. yYU>Zt 

W-^ *f-"^. ^JL, **tff <f^T5 

^M^ ^t^fr ^f^ #t ^ ax^wU «*»\ 

/TVl^ tJLt~S-t^n** <^*<i 




'Ttt^?. {~LcjL 7x- 3 







■ ■ 

// 0' do<c/< 


hytfa^ ^h^U^yy^^^ 4 -- 

IMA^j IrtUtfpo, 6Lyv/ AM &) K/rc><* 

^%^ ^ <** ^ 6 *~'Y , 

<^ / *w^<^< * ^° #^ ^ 

^v^ >€^( Uf*_ «**£-- '^)>^pi-w 3 ( 

^Y^>pCt "J)^rzr^^ /Oj&£-^>^ ^ru-<^e. £*~x£>(. k^XcliL^ 

K^^o j&e^v^ /O^c/L <2^ gr (yir^^^ /buJj^y 

C*l$U. f>™L t&io ^<J*W^ ^^ /CcK k^J 

A ^vuol /^vh ^^- ^^ *^-y ^ <^J\ l 


|e^ ^ U« -tr A, u£L< ^ ^ ^ 

^ d^Ao^^J HjjL^J^ >^ud c^p< < M 



0^f<ut~. ( (PX&*Ls«. J'Uofc 

C^JUi ^xA^noJL -pjUx^ a jkc*rvy^--r 



^m^K /wk /^v^ plains Wck* 

5 W 

/y^jtU^Ji'tc ^T^L. ~fa> yp*~ "^ rr *-^ } v»**s\- 

/n ^ J fm^ /yvuP+ ^r^J^^ ^ 

end- ~£o ScU^^ovvv yuy 


)yu£ 10J^ a^ot "^ P^^^sl^-v^ m 

<^v^( jk^r fadt J^ i&L /TvL^fct £S-~ ^Cl 


#c 0*^ fad 2 b cnnM Llh~U c^^U^ 

<^A ^mt^-jU t& % ^-^-~ t ^ x ^^ 

/*af <a^ t>wgv3 l^ /w*~- ^>^^ ^-^rf 

^w^& ^a iwU H*~^, £^ i^^^ 


^J 4/Wfvx ^JV ( (- X^< err-*- . ("5 Uuc "fc> (U 

ftpvo yJUk &Utt ^tf^k edrvui , &fc* 

O^A X^W^-r • J ^^ ^X^v^. a~o 


U,J-e^dr ~p> V^«. L^rdU Mo~*~ &r- 

f " "-V- 

Sri-OTL^tJi 7^> i<^ A^i ^* ^-^ M&M~ 

/,^t^") - ^-^^ /La Ao-|^ <aw^ -^ 

/J^C ^w( /^ZJZ^^Jl jlA&Lu* CJU-X ~U ^^ ^^ 

Um *Jtt SiM ^wC 3 ^ ^ oJli 



Vlluj h*-^- ^l^Z 

\(TU^L *3asoL? i-t^pyv^ tSa-^-K>cLAj^ ^JTJW c^A^L^-e^ 

~*~' ^ctt^ a^y^% fc$h^-, aw{ 

I^OxA . tlP J?-* /UX./VJL C^>rv^-^ "fed iU^ U^ 

rwwsdt )uk<. r^v^L ^ jryu^^v^^^ - a^ 

a. Aa. 

•bi^^eA U~* S5~* ^~ ^° W . 

i^tt^, ^>^ ^ ovte. «>ttv. -fc. U^ ; \- 

tr|e£^ ^cf- ^JkJ- So 3 UA 

f. sL Co A /^c^£(_^M ■ ^ *^ ^ '«*" 

r^H *|f- u?Ut L^>iL^faj( c^v^ c^jL, 

<aiy Aec+JjJ \&>d sJLes*JLJ n^J^. A^i: uoz<— 

Uff l^J± £fe^ cj-X ^liuiX^ jLf« 


frJL^J t^v Sfc> £^ e*^ ^^ 

^\ ^>vL£^) CAP^^f^ /O^-^-l* uyJlS a^A 

~LA&;<^~< U> ~T&b~, T&^sJL&^J * iLrdU. Sz-t— ^ tfV\ 

fiU fclU*>Uvu / l^z^U~^ } oUlJh^ <ft^s^ <JU 

t*^ *f ale 7^%h^-r t* tffi^* L^ 

/u^-a.owx* ."t^<* fed u^^^^ co0&? 

(p^&vrzdrt* Yud~ rvv^Ai^AjJUL^_ ^g AJfeJuU * J 2 ^^^. 

-tfe^Jv^ aij*^t *&*-». Vvmk i£U^ UJjC~ tfcs^. 

- - hsD ^Lojl^^ a^T^>-tJ2? W^, 

ft / 

<>o"2> w^s >A kttv -yTXo (^4/ O ^"ti, 

LMyis- . thuM. />v^| X*U« ~po (f^ ^_^ {LCt&Q* 

3 PM 



' BUY U.S. 


3 CfcNTS 3 






b~S{L, i^e^v 




s\sO b yy^ ^y^- 


try /X*> -?<-~^ 



(^vvo^-e/ufe tx-^jA. 

'jUyJ+ U-TZuJf "k Avvi <^ ^-— 1 


^t ' LSI* 


i^jr^o U-e-w />^c$. ^ 

^ JL&M l^Vv ^^w( 


ilvx^v /7t^c^v^^vv^<_ 

^^ t&t iyp 


fav^L Ctrvlt- L ^'Uk 

UsZA^aJ^ £*£ <-^$- h^A^ 

0^Jr <?i£*~>KJt a^sK. £>[Lsl^ h^QjdLz 


<£W usrxxA- ^JT t&L 





jZ&tJ,^* -QjiX^>^>v^ u^> £~K <ZSUi 

k^ U&JL s-i^jr tfU djr-£>x- <x^j( xjlSX u s>v i^sx d^*S-& ^xh^S- 



i/d!JL &^y^fU5~l<^ "to /<^^e52<) 






S\jJu^XsUjU. ^A^) 

0las~a&. -b^o d^\^>,^y^zj( 


UaJ( &- <^L&M "tUv^. - 



uj*. 6JUJu^ K ± 

i^K? A^^<5>^» 







k*W~ ^ 



"[^sJn? ^Tyc^^y 

K^lyy^ . <V 


fSku£JU~, uJ^l^y^xaJl 

1Zl (n> 

bt Ir^A rjM> /-v^^n^. 






(-—-& C^r&iU 6^2^^ 

«) ^. 


S/O ^ A-£^JL^ "t*^ - 


< /^6t7"H^ 3^JCta- 

J^Ijl i^oji ~^Uajul h^evCtt^ , 


IjZaAsul. fSC^J^ <%- Jtot <^o sLjM t&c V^JL^o / Ur^^y 






KiL 2>"Okj2^ 3 







'of JAN 21 * 
^ 1948 


/tK. f-u^k m, 3 



Janua.ry 20, already 

Dear Daddy, 

Thank you very much for sending and forwarding 
various and sundry packages to me I The last one, the 
one from Mary Rome (not your cousin) in California 
tfas a silly little turtle (not alive!) that scoots across 
the floor when you wind him up. 

I've "been making much use of the skates. I'm 
still iwtaela not very good at skating — /obbly anklesOwbut 
I enjoy it even at that. Tomorrow night there is 
another skating raarty to which I f m going so T guess 
I'll be black and blue again Thursday. This business 
of writing home so often ^as got me confused~~I never 
can remember what I've told you about. 

last Wednesday there was a skating party, too, 
with the people in the department* .After the skating 
we went to ewe the department head's house for cocoa and 
square dancing. A fun time was had by all but most of 
us really felt beat the next day. 

Saturday night I went to the movies with two 
graduate students ( ex-Ant iocMans, at that) to see 
The Secret Life of Walter Kitty-* we got a large charge 
out of it and had a really good laughing time. Danny 
Kaye is one of the best of that type of humor, I think. 

There's a street in Rochester called Ferrimgn 

Today was a red letter day — I accomplished one 
of my goals at this place. That is, T saw an operation. 
Four in fact and I'm still all excited about it so I'm 
afraid right now you are goinp- to be on the receiving 
line of a dissertation of operation room techniques! 
At least, you have the advantage of not having to l iste n 
to the whole apftei «?«* story. ~" 


The three operating rooms of the IT of R Hospital 
have a place where medical students can watch. The door 
says iSTo Admittance except to med students, doctors etc etc 
hut I was told I prohably could get awa^y With it if I 
just rent and looked as though I knew what T were doing. 
So I did, because we didn't have much work to do today- . 
T saw a man ungoing a gastric resection (which took at the 
least five hours) , a woman hairing a sympathectomy, another 
woman having something abdominal being done (I don't know 
what) and a younger yoman have all her top teeth nulled out; 
£»•-*- last week, I saw a very tiny baby have a hare lip 
and cleft palate fixed up. 

I don't know whether you've ever seen anything 
like that or not, but it certainly is an amazing and 
remarkable. Th« doctors are so swift, adept, alomost grace- 
ful, though not gentle, ^he whole pr>erating e*» room crew 
works beautifully. There is so much neat eqmpiment all 
effeciently reader for use and such care taken. 

The operating itself is the most amazing. I 
didn't realize the human body was so precisely put 1 oge +1 ^r- 
a place for everything and everything in itd nlacel And very 
little blood after the first incisions are made. The doctors 
noked aroung, and pushed and pulled things in a ^cst peculi-r 
manner. Sometimes they would bring ./hole sections of viscera 
outside of the body and sometimes they put their whole han^ 1 
up *ke to t v e wrifefcs inside the body cavity and feel around I 

I was wondering how I would react to all this and 
much ' o my surprise I didn't react at all — you really get 
used to blodd and guts around t>>3s place, ^ven making the 
init^cU- incision didn't particulary phage me though it certaih 
ly looked strange to see a man cut the flesh on a Romans 
back from just to the left of her seventh cervical vertabra 
down around her shoulder blade to the side. This was the 
sympathectomy whereby a 'iece of the ganglion of the sympathe 
tic nervous system is removed, I think . That was the only- 
actual incision I saw be:"ng made. 

Its a funny feeling, too, to watch them put in th@ 
stitches but the work inside the incision is nothing because 
then everything is so covered up except for the hole itself 
that you forget abou 1 its being a living and breathing 


Well, I could gay alot more about the whole t 1 ins; 
but I suppose it would be sort of silly just to go on aftl 
on. It certainly was a most enlightening experience. 

Enclosed is a floor plan which may show you what 
kind of a set up this is. As you see there are two hospitals 
Strong Memorial Hospital and school of medicine and denisiry 
of the University of Rochester AND the Rochester Municipal 
Hospital. I don't know anything about the latter. The 
Department of Physiology and Vital Economics is on the 
foufcth floor — "y" marks where Dr. KochaJoan's rats are 
kept ( there are many other doctors with many other animals 
working on many other projects on the floor) and "x M is 
the lab where laura and I run the Kjeldahl's. Besides 
r search there are of course classes for the medical 
students in physiology and vital ec. Vital economics by 
the way is the pa?ae study and practical application of 
vitamins, hormones, enzymes etc on human physiology. 

On the first floor "Q," is where we eat all our 
meals. On the second floor "K*807 is where I have two 
psychaitry classes a week. "Fifth floor "H" is where I 
watched the operations. "First floor "E* is the library 
■vhere I've spent some time reading. 

Dear me, what a lot of writing! I don't know why 
I wrote all this except at first I was very confused by a 
school and a hospital and research labs all being: one and the 
same thing and so judging others b$r myself I figured you 
might be a little uncertain as to exactly where T am working* 

At any rate it is all very interesting and I have two 
and a half more months to exnlore the rest of the place. 
I guess this will be all for now—I'll answer ^uirmie's letter 
later on. I hope £he is feeling fine and everything is 
going all right. 


Mr a v 1 n G s ^ ; i&~-- 1 



JE^VKVO Cj I C/^t-vtJiA^^ 




*^ >K< j^- 

/ hut P*<-cJ«- *• **<*- UAeaMur-^- 

JL^ t^t *U JW*f (UWu k*UQ*^ 

AjCUa^ to U~cU f/i*M 1» Act. tZL 




/^J00K_ <^»vlL <*VU*v"£ ^f U^jtJU t ^ 



UZ^-^c^ ^2^ p^uM-, J^u-.f3 o^jp 


^&*u tA«s.kc2&l 

0" uyuA UjZ ^j &£*- WV£*M~L^ agJL flfczz. 







(k |wr 



fc Z& <y£Cj<F*>s^ 


3' , 


jn ^ 

* r#S04 

"* Hut - 





* Iwe^ 

CfVWT*. Jtf3bck- kjBJ0&A_ [tfVUlil'io^ 

Ht-ulv^p <**£j <^-^X u^c [VU*«XiLJto * 

t J^yJ^n^A ^. j2»JZt lUXG^ 


aJbr^X tte S^TL^L^^i <^jl ^j^ 

r a J^Oaj^ 

frusiU. /iaw. &-~^ l<*^ c^n>^t -& cam 

/<££ i^ruXL ^tu. (-io^A, *>t £xa^£^ 


/<S^O o^tb^v 

&\ u^sr l*~ %>t to* tt**n<^ ^^or, 

^^ j&u. Jw*~ Ibu qa^i- y>\jU^yy^ 






^ FEB 

1900 I 
PA *> 

£ C<aa£C St" 



£)je*^ fyu*****™^*-. 

I kuj^ tLn^t- rJt 6* o^ft <£C 

%u. izu *>* fi t^^y^-J^- 

^> l ^^«j^Ct££t 

To^U. *ut 


~j, ux^-3--^^ 

<S*>v P*«- 

g£ K frv^M ji^^K^* 

hyA . CvK. Uj^^T IrJ^L 

Ua*. t&- P**^~~-0 ff- to™***- QxJXSU^ f^U^ , 

U^x&u-fi^! rift U***ru u«* 

iL «XA *&<- AA&3^-»-> ^T** 

Q><(( . tO<_ kuaJ^ £. WaW^> t«_Aj»_ 

*^ . w~r— ! . "-.T5 

V ct-Cf ** u:,7U i '* 2w * ru -\ ( ^ " ^ LC ^ wa< •Jf^^k) 


_^ *^^> c^v^^O ^V^^Jl 

.. ™<jk><^c (^v^^j^L/E^ ^*- 

l^jj^Jk^yy <£*<* hU& 

if <?kJL IcaxJU. teC( t~n^ k*uj 

uJLt^. iAff^AJL $*~~J~- , KX*Ji(J>*^J«^ 

usLU eft** "**> <*^ *Z 


tLrJt +^A ("^l 

% % i t 


lot At£a» % t&vUx 



3 cfcNTS 3 


; g 4>t ^ u ^tt-L ^wUa. un^ AxJU^jt^ 

o*^< a*^ ^V £25^ $SU ^^ 

(p£*~*. A^^fe . oW*^ (duet ^u^ 

vu^a. To uo^Xu t>^u<- *d**dt ct 

LsjvUtu** k^ttulA (p^"^t ~cuiu£: 

^*- *■/ t^urv^ <^Utia<^ ceo *** 

'^Jouo^^-i z+fiZZZ*^ 

Zfrd-. b&AAjt 


(^^dJr <~$>*>l &*>**sU 



<ZgX C*. t***lp~ Cb*^-*X CTvdtos CJZL4**~^i 

jk^ tux ^m Adf!? -tU 



SiuLiSjL^ t*>ozUrJL lt~ru**~to 

^ Jew ^^^8° A*Xk. » B***" tt^u^^ 

f Ua^m. 


•- " Ufa*- d2***x* /^^x- i u*^r 




T» zp brccU^ 




^ £c^t^ fr^tl 

( fiJLJK uxSte* Ob^ *^$U3ju^ 

{ ^r^'-f k^^truJ uxttt to c£o 

aAr**X £UL (&UG> /^Am^ lUAJk.. 

U fc.f "Wot c 

/0*wt *■**. W-'i T*n> bvJL T3U. clocX^ 

^We^CU, - 

t<r^ZEe-_ -AoUx JU<^M^ ( 

Ate <^vt M ( U*^ <~tf*u» JLJ^ 

\Ax*-U± L+**C'/U~ 

Ma* t-Lvfk M- <2c*<_JL 






April ?.?. 

Dear Murinie, 

"Friday is smell a nice day--it*s a house- 
keeping day and I actually look forward to it I 
'Ye get up about eig^t o'clock and while I'm up 
at the laundry trailer putting the first batch 
of clothes ?n t**e ^endix, Joe gMis "breakfast. 
After bre-^kfa^t Joe hangs up the first hatch and 
I put the second load in->-we always have two 
loads . Then we make the bed clean and Joe sweeps 
the trailer while I dust. By '.hen it f s eleven 
and Joe has a class. I hang up the second laund- 
ry and iron the clothes fror the week before. 
^/hile I f m ironing Joe comes hone and gets the 
lunch--it al] works out so very well. In the 
afternoon we-ge I go to Springfield rith another \ 
girl and do the weekly shopping. So far it has 
been averaging about 10 dollars, not counting riltk 
and bread which are de" 1 ivered. 

And ;/e've .been eating quite w&XIJ 
Tonight te had an especially good dinner tho mk 
it took pretty long to get done. " 7 e had fresh 
cod //hi eh I cooked on the pvrex lid of the largest 
of the square co 1 ored se+d of baking dishes I got 
at Betty's shower. I put butter, leFon juice, " s-'.lt 
and penper on it and baked it for aVut a half an 
hour and thert nut • ? t down in the grill part of the 
stove to brown — it w~s ^°liciousJ And v'e had 
scalloped (T' ,T glad Vw writing that word and not 
having *o Pronounce Itj) potatoes cooked in one 
od Aunt He nie's Fe.xlcan baking dishes. Plus 
fresh broccoli and a very good tossed salad Joe 
rade. T 7e also had rolls — the kind you hjay half 
cooked and put in the ov^-n to brown. 

Te're wondering how Daddy's coring along 
at 'his point. I br^e he's gotten the cards -ve 
sent and the letter I wrote last week. ,,r e did have 
a little bit of a scare. last Saturday we went to 
Dayton to the movies and dinner and vhen we e**ne 
back there was a note in ^he trailer to call Wterfc 
Union. But i* turned out 'o be an old army friend 

antioch College 

yellow springs. ohio 

of Joe's who lives in Cincinnati, The next day 
he and "his wife c~me up to gee Us and sre had a 
very pleasant time—bcth very nice re pie. We 
cooked a ""Boston hiked "bean dinner fj )--beans 
(canned), "brown bread (canned) frankfurters, 
salad, milk, .iello, coffee. 

April 23 

I don't seem to b e able to get a letter al 
all written at one sitting anymore. One of the 
fellows came over friday n-'gh* and brought us a 
wedding present — a nice looking wooden salad bowl 
With four little bowls to sro with it. It's smaller 
than the copper bound one we have, more suitable 
for two people, and the little howls are very use- 
ful as candy dishes* etc. And last night Mr. 
Swinnerton drooped over and brought us"a lovely 
green enamelled copper ashtray made by the Southern 
Highlanders — very very pretty, smooth and Plain. 
They must have gotten it while they were on that 
geology fiel- 1 trip in Tennessee while you weee here 
It had a "tyrical? Matilda note with it — "This very* 
small gift brings affectionate greetings. Fay it 
serve to remind you of Williams 'IP, Antioch and 

■ ■ 

The note from Marion Forne is very nice 
and I think her pre -ent sounds wonderful. I th-'rik 
we saw some of the Fistoric America china in "Day- 
ton last weekend and we both liked it very much. 
Should I wait until it comes to write to her? let 
me know when and also s^nd me her address. Jane's 
letter was also nice. We got a note from her "hut 
haven't heard from her since the wedding. I hope 
they're having as much fun in the a— rtment as we 
are here: Thankyou verv sending the clipping of 
the weddmg plus your own very i uteres" in* commentary 
Fers sounds like a very proper and lovely wedding 
but I can't imagine anyone h*v J ng >uch a good + S»e 
as we did at ours. I'm so glad we have all t>o 3e 
lovely pictures— evervone sets subjected to t^em and 
a Ions? glowing account! I don't helieve we ever 
really thanked you and Daddy for the pictures—but 



we don-very much. 

?e got ice right away so none of the food 
you bought was wasted— and we are still en.ioying 
much that you providied--! mean we haven't, used 
it all up yet and whenever I look in the cupboard 
for something tr eat I'm reminded of you by this 
or that. I discovere " ice isn't effective as 
refrigeration though. One Friday we bought lamb 
chops and. didn't get around to eating them Until 
Tbhe following Wednesday— they were green and smelled 
AWULJ Too bad, but experience is a wonderful teac>> 
er : (jfe, we didn't eat them) I have to learn how 
much meat I can buy on the Friday trips and how 
long it will keep. I lik- to buy for the whole 
week at once so maybe I can have fresh meat, the 
first 3 or 4 days and processed, canned or smoked 
meat the rest of t^e week. Its not too siwrnle to 
figure though- -as today we are invited out to 
dinner so todays neat (pork chops) will hve to 
wait until tomorrow. 

The water has all dried up around the 
trailer but las night we had a violent storm 
(elec'ricity was out for three hours) and Joey 
got dripped on in bed' He was annoyed but I thought 
it was funny I He got up and cot a towel to take 
to bed with him. Fortunately be didn't drown. 

I did write to Trs CI iff e about the Die 
server when I got the card from them before the 
wedding. I'm slad to here it has cone. That abou* 
Mrs. love's silver? 

I reallv feel as though I could write a - " 1 
day cut I su-voose I should do some studying. r 
certainly >ave plenty to do but I much prefer to 
stay in the trailer and make .iellol We thought at 
first we wouldn't be able to study here but it is 
working at pretty 'ell. It's quite peaceful except 
yu neve- can tell when someone is going to cc^p 

'7e hope Daddy is up and about now- and g^ve 
him our love. Tell little brother to write us a 

J/ay 29 

Dear Furrmie-- 

I just discovered that I have run out of writing 

ppper, so I told Joe that I had to buy sor.e more. And he said "Wo". 

Fe said that I had hundreds of envelopes lying around and that T 

trust scrounge around for paper to use them up. I was crushed as 

I do like to have pretty writing naper and am used to squandering my 
m ney on it! J 

I did "buy something new, though, last week. I 
came home from shopping in Springfield the week >efore with glowin^ 
tales of a pretty green skirt (cotton) I had seen and wanted so 
much and RmjAIXY HBBHEBS r e m i<| I should have bough i it hut. I 
said I didn't think I should "because all r had was" food money etc. 
3o this past week I did h U y it having the proper authorization from 
the lord and master of this household to do sol 

We have had a wonderful weekend. Thursday we found 
out tnere was a vacancy in the annual Antioch weekend at Tar Hollow 
S ate Forest Park so we decided to go. 155 people went including 
students, faculty members and their families, and two carried couples 
we and the Powers (The Pwers are friends of ours- — we drove down wit h 
them and the four of us had a caMn together. Joyce and Sonny drove 
with us. ) 

We went down Friday afternoon and cooked our supper 
out as the official opening wasn't, until Saturday. We cooked "break- 
fast out Saturday Trorninr too and then the Powers and we went to 
Old Han's Cave about lb miles away to hike and explore. ,J ?hen we got 
hack we swam, /ent canoeing nd played bail. That evening we square 
danced until we were ready to drop. Sunday it rained hut It didn't 
ratter "Ns cause I studied all r^omim? while Joe went to church jn Chi- 
lli cothe. We were on KP for lunch ri nd the two of us washed most of 
the dishes — "because of the rain we left right after tha' , ahottt 3:30. 

All in aA-3 i-4 was a "beautiful weekend- -though strenuous. 
We made two purchases on t^e trip — one, a cute platter shaped dish 
ahout as long as this paper is wide. It has an all over design of 
flowers outlined in red and T think Will he usefull a3 we have no 
udd serving dishes fur celery or candy or something. he other 
is a "brown, nicely shaped hean pot with a lid. It holds a little 
over a quart, is very good looking and right now is serving as a 
cookie jar. The first mentioned 5ish is really very quaint—looks 
like old JSnglish china. 

I don 1 t "believe I ever trentloned two other wedding 
presents we go + some weeks ago. Joyce gave us an iron skillet ahout 
half the size of the one we have-— very usefull. And Chris ^nd Irene 
gave us a set of eight dessert dishes. They are glass and the plates 
are attached to the howls— very inconvenient we think, hut on the 
whole they *re n?ce looking and a±±*ae*iv*. useful. 

Joe and I are wondering if you are planning to po to 
see the T'aloneys while you -re in Boston--! helfeve you did mention 

it to me before. Joe has written to Marge and to his mother about 
you're being in Boston, ^e think it would be nice for you to get 
together with Marge and have her taice you to Dorchester* as you already 
know her. She will probably write to you about it. 

Te certamlv have go*i 'en an influx of invitations — 
first Mike's and now Kenery's. Everybody graduates but we! Joe 
is knocking himself out aver his thesis and It looks like he, too, 
might graduate! Te also got an announcement about M-i^h Risan's 
baby. (I guess, at this point, I should say—everybody 1 s having 
babies but me* But I have no intention of having babies for quite 
awhile. Actually, I do worry about it now and then, in spite/5of 
Dr. Schwartz 1 good advj-ce— I got a big ki ck out of youtre comment 
about him I) 

I'm glad to hear your hoTa-?efeleani-ng is co^im- alom 
so well. Is soon as school 5 3 over we are going to houseclean— 
wash the windows, scrub the floor, etc. It certainly < 4 oes see™ 
funny to be writing to you in his vein—I'm comparing notes vith 
my own ^other—even if r.y ''notes" are on such a more humble scale! 
Housekeeping, such as it is here, Seems su natural and effortless 
th t it doesn't phase re a bit most uf the time— but everyonce in 
a BThlle I stox) ani just marvel at my new "statue quo". Just the 
other evening we were marvelling thai this little house and every 
tl ing in it werw ourg -ri' •" anybody elses f %&£ we could do what we 
liked with it and not ask a soul for perrr ission 

A13 of a sudden it is late again— llsSo — and as T f m 
still tired out from 'he weekend I think I'd better bring this 
short letter to a close and go to bed! I really think I could 
ramble on for julie a fe more pages tonight—! / sjdh y^m * 

Um*. k^m>, *%ru- u^ufe. i^eit a^JL uyjtt ^OtZi 

/LJtZ^ fa-fat /^^k £8? &<£g ^'WL*^ 

5* o 







j Ou? (. 


- ' 



July 2, 19 5u 

Dear Ma and Pa, 

.* en J°y ed a11 your Post cards and know you must have 
had a wonderful time. Too bad I wasn't living in Rochester 
at the time. Did you bring home another carload of rocks?'? 

We're all moved now, and our new home is quite 

J"";"-. S ** 1:L no ^ running water but plenty of room— com- 
fortable looking and nicely arranged inside, it's great 
we both have such superlative taste in interior decorating! 

Now we have a dog— for the summer. Edy and John 

S?2 r el J ;S ckoP 8 ? aniel » Tupp^, with them to MlSankee? 

«ij £?n e V?! y 5 OU , ldn,t get an a P^tmnt which alloweTdogs, 
and snipped him back to us to keep until tney return in 

ISda? eavi^LM aHi6 %/ e g0t a telegram' from Sem 
Friday saying the dog would arrive Saturday or Sunday We 

went downtown Saturday to look up the Hal Iwav E^eSs'man 

t 8 ^ t h0 J and when Tupper would be delivered and SI assured 
us that since his office (Yellow Springs) was closed all 

USf nd, + ^ e /? ff W ° Uld be taken care <* ^ Dayton or Some- 
where until delivery Monday. So we forgot about him loTthe 
time being. At lu:30 Saturday evening, the chief of po ice 
called at our domicile and told us thl Dayton RR station 5 

»nd Si led J? 3a ? that ° Ur do * had * een ^ Day^n 24 Jours 
w~V gftting hungry and would we please do something 

overtown Ion?i *"*? ™ "2*?" by the neW3 and walked ali 
uvei town looking for a friend with a car. No luck ^ 

Joey called Dayton nd the man said % Vhy of course we feed 

and water him and he'll be delivered Monday? So Z fl T . 

gss. y& r^.^ ~«; ass.- 

= mMmmm 

We have also aquired a fish bowl with three little 

*o &*- 

XO. JtM^^IK 


U^ JsM*~ ^>Ml 

UA ? 

I/O i-, JLtnJj? 


guppies and several snails. Somebody who left campus for 
the summer left them in his room and I took them, 
everybody leaving campus has been giving us stuff. They drop 
in to say goodbye and leave packages of clothes they didlt get 
a chance to mail, tennis rackets they forgot to return to the 
gym, books that go to so-and-so, and pick up my check in 
the bursar's office and give it to George when he comes through 
town. But two different couples left us a great supply of food 
they didn't know what to do with — which was fine. 

It is quite deserted but very pleasant around here. 
It should be a good summer — that is, if our jobs don't kill 
us off first. We're both working for maintainance, as I no 
doubt told you before. I work with the housekeeping crew and 
Joey works outdoors. For eight hours he either cuts grass, 
dig3 ditches, shovels dirt, hauls garbage with big brawney 
maintainance men who have been doing it all year and never stop 
for « moments rest. And, I, with nine other husky cleaning 
women, havi« have been scrubbing the walls of the new dorm 
for eigth hours, or cleaning out the rubbish in th ne dorms 
after the students left, or washing windows like mad. We aren't 
used to this sort, of thing. For the past week we come home 
at four o'clock POSITIVELY EXHAUSTED. We can't talk, we can't 
be companionable, we can't cook, we can't MOVE J So we eat 
in the tea room and go to bed at 9:30. But we couldn't go 
to bed at that time at the beginning of the week — we were 
moving. Between moving and wording we nearly didn't last the 
week. ^ Mow we're all moved and we're just sure we'll adjust 
to this rigorous existance v^ry soon so I guess we'll live 
We work from 7:15 am until 4 pm with 45 minutes at lunchtime 
during which we scurry home and round up a sandwich. Joe gets 
paid a dollar an hour and I get 75/^— we're living on mine and 
saving his. 

- ^ * -, 0ne brl « ht note in a11 this— I pulled down really 

£55r^Ji grade8 ,J hls time ' X got a 3 ' 5 aver *ge (4.0 ia per- 
I n ] S? % usuall y I Sot around 2.5. I got rour A's, a 3 and 
a c. The C was in physics— an- so in light of that fact it 
also is a good grade J 

I bought a box of Mother's Oats yesterday for the 
firs time. We had been eating that which you gave us until 
it was all gone and the weather had warr-ed up. But its quite 
2«iJ LT^ hB / e .J t 6:3 ° in the corning, and with all the hard 
Xch W t e o d0 start 6 £?1ne ^^ -"**"« "^ "* 9 ° lid ^ 

We are now in the market for a car. Don't srasn— 
but we hare decided we'll nedd one to get us out of hire in 

?o Pt 3?te b6r o S ck uTThl t0 Wher6Ver We ^ S g0in e* p'ub coming 
We he£ f iw P th i"gs--3o we're starting to look around. 
Ye have fiom between 4 and 5 hundred dollars to spend on a 

Zr^\T ^ ^f er here " a friend ° f 0W8 ' e * AntiocMan, 
thinks he may be able to find us what we want. 

* t 

We 3tarted sanding the finish off a little table 
we have in order to refinish it with oil and turpentine. 
We're getting in practice for our big plans of someday buying 
inexpensive furnite and finishing it ourselves. I don't 
believe you saw the little table when you were here— it is one 
Joe got from a friend in Delaware from West Africa. It's 
small, ab ut two feet high with an octagonal top about one 
foot across. It is made with » reddish wood, and has insets 
of Mack and white wood *nrt a little ivory— very pretty 

It was quite stained and dirty and sanding it is really* shoeing 
it up well. J e 

As usual I could ramble on about many more things 
but I guess I better stop and see if I can find something for us 

hi 3 "fob V!5«® n 5 re havin * a nice SUKm er and that Kike likes 
Jus job. I do ./igh Henery were out near here somewhaer. 

ar*e hotdin^oVff^V^ • t111 u ? d r ided ' The «™luate schools 
are holding off final decisions unduly long, I think, and it 

*n* Si?* J ° e ?r?«"«^3y. I ha™ a more optirlstic outlook 
and fell sure things will work out but he worries about it 

ev.\ 8 n !fi ming \\ l0 ° k ar ° Und for J0b P°s^ilities with an 
mo^e ln S ihe enS! **** 8Ch ° 01 idea " wMch ™? ** the wisest 

tta-*o»« . + Til f . thln g th a* somewhat upsets me is the current 
Korean situation and all it involves. I feel downright 
uneasy about everything outside of our own little wofld--and 

or thTS«l.^J&2 rt ? ld * T2 rld WMch Wl11 ^termLe the^ate 
oi the little individual worlds. Joe says that he iust can't 

(J^O^ ^vm^Z/C-. /Otfl^ L<0 




\A/> cn> 



Xtn> r^ 


3 cssr* 3 

r ■ 

July 11 

Dear Murnmie, 

I'm glad you liked the little presents— I 

w e ?SSn^? f y°V anted a Mg blue ashtray but the ceramics 
wuikshop is closed for the summer much to ray chagrin.... 


»„* +***«, We -l5 e ?? th be S innin S to get used to our jobs 

and think we may he able to enjoy the suraner after all even 

o^o2?™V Set ? ighty tlredi * companions are all veteran 

cleaning women- -ranging in age from 67 down! Five are Negro a 

and four are white, with m« it is five and five, -e are rfa?ly 

I Son-? ?i£ UP &n t &GtU&1 H X enJ ° y ^^ '^th them- that is, 
L loU « ? r ^ S ° T hard ^ Ut ltl3 nlce t0 have company 
+n +£^ ? il Z^°* X get a iarge ohar « e out of listening 

Sly Sl^"?^?' ^J 1 ; ab ° Ut ever 3Tthing under the sunf 
In. 7 t ?-, *5S time and do quite a bit of laughing. 

£?S* b ;i le T e they gttt a lar ^ e charge oat of mef The Your* 
3ride They're so full of advice £ on cooking and housekeeping 
and I **ep them posted on my trials and tribulations -he? ' 

lellfn^f ? ntly + ab ° Ut me getting t0 ° tired and Seaways 7 
telling me to sit do m. last week I really gave the- a fr^ht- 

Friday morning I got the Curse, felt lousy and didnH Jo g 

at the fa^t +W +£ y ^ a11 13 that in8lde of ** I rebell 

th- t lut t *? ^T?' P °° r U±d Women » 3h0Uld have T '° «** I* 
to"!: *f J g ^ 3 ! * h f!? P"? 1 - »«* be reconciled xo it, 

j.t and not. m tne habit of philosophising. 


««-n I still must harp on my cooking— I've had t«o new 

£?s inW^ve^. 9 t^^r^i r'ssv? ? e ^ in8 1 

turned out quite well' ^ ea " Vfcr a ^ but outside of that 






last weekend we spent the first of our wedding 
present money. We bought a $3o gCA radio to which to attach 
Mik'a and Henry's present to us. All weekend we tdayed tie 
two records they gave us over and over again and were much 
excited about it. Monday we went, to the college music ltbrarv 
and got five LP albums each and have been playing music con- 
stantly. It's to nice to be able to have the music vou want 
when you want it and we certainly were glad the boys" sent us 
the LP a tachment. 

The car we are thinking of buying is a 1<J39 

J!?rw v ^ want3 * 4S0 t ' or xt t u3cd car dealer, seems oretty 

tJS i 6)# 3t r veral People have said thai is pretty bigb for 
a 39 but it has a new isaint Job., recond.itioned motor with 
less than 5„u0 miles on it, good tires and has been quite 
thoroughly overhauled including new upholstery in the front. 
It really looks beautiful. Thursday or Friday we're ffoinsr to 
-TV Tt tXi* " and lf " seem3 + '° ™n ^ well as it lo^ks 
it llJl^i 7 g8t l 5" JK 11 U3e * e ***ng present money for 

11 + i We m ° St ° f at rti P lace d from Joe's salary fey* by 

the end of the suraner. - ^ 

Joe 3eema to have pretty much ffiven un thp iri^a 

?Lflf r' 6 8 °? 10 ; 1 and «*«£fr I think that mav ?e ?es?!-who 
leally what is the right thing to do? I only hope he 
can get a good job that he will enjoy. I try hard to be a good 
fifLSntlf ILt J*** r ind ° f ejlco ^^^ent without, apoeafing 

wo^rSuffo? S^r- J - ^ — 2« e^tSnf ^ 

up at nitfht »n/r h ti to .^ gh the ot her day. Joe said he woke 
town the Sail £^8 siting up and running my -and up and 
down the wall. He asked me what I was doing and I m4d »rtir 
reaching for the wall." i don't remember a Sing of it out 

in°W .f thG U f 9 l USed t0 W things to youthen vou came 
m before you went to bed to see if we were all right] 

Hf» „t™«i i L 1 '? glad yoU had 3Uch a nice feirthdav and ffot a 

big cauckly ou: of the thought of the cactus in th kitchfn 

a t£e ?osnt??l P ?n n 5 ln ? *?' a PUrp ° 3e in life - ^he new wing ' 


I must conserve paper ^o I'll use the "back. 

The dog is awfully cute — quite a personality^-hut 
he barks too much for me and doesn't always seer^ to know what 
NO! means. However, we enjoy having him very much. 

Too bad Kike didn't get a job — maybe he should come 
out and visit us, Te have a lovely guest room! I wish Henery 
wculd make one of his hitchhiking jaunts out tMs way, the nut. 
However, we're planning on raking a visit to you before too 
long--I hope you're plaining on it to. I guess we talked about 
it while we were there-- 1 never can remember what we talked 
about there are so maay things! "lien we core will depend on 

where and when we go from here, but I certainly am looking 
for/ard to going to Belief onte. How exciting to drive up 
to the front door of my own home with a car and a husbandi 

I do so much like having a husband. I suppose that's 
a funny thing to say but every once in a while it really striJees 

me as odd that here I am living so peacefully and comfortably 
with a person I didn't even know several years ago. Also, I 
sometimes get mad at him and argue with, him just like he were 
one of my brothers. Sometimes I even wonder how I got roped 
into this deal! But as you have said so many times marriage is 
the J£» most wonderful and most perfect, thing on earth and I 
really almost believe the old cliche that marriages /are made 
in heaven. So often I wish I could be talking with you because 
writing this sort of thing is never entirely satisfactory. I 
hope vwa can stay in Belief onte for two weeks maybe ( can we?) 
because I think perhaps if I talked steadily for' two weeks I 
could say most of what I'd like to!! Anyway I certainly under- 
stand ra t .y of *hia the thngs you used to say much better now. 

Eaelosed is the sort of commencement announcement 
they have here. There was so much going on around here 
dutmg that time that I guess I completely forgot to say 
xnuflh about it. Joe got safety graduated and we have some 
pictures we'll send as soon as we get them. 

l ¥ 

Do I address Marion Korne as Dear Cousin Marian or 
what? Are the plates the historic America ones that you 
mentioned before? I ain so anxious to see them. Did I ever 
tell you I sent a Tender Leaf Tea box top and 50y away to 
get 4 silver plated ice tea spoons. They're just J ovely » 

I .have rambled en enough. 


£2- Yc*Jbe***y 



W 19 '. • 


3 CENTS 3 



'ear Kummie, 

I trust your wandering boy is safe at home 
by now, ,! fe certainly enjoyed having hime here and I 
thank you for "lending" him to lie I He's a perfect 
house guest — though how can I say that — I 'ye never had a 
house guest before:' TT e has an open invitation to core 
back anytime he cares to and I hope he will. I did seem 
funny to have ones own brother in owns own house — I hope " 
he didn«t lose an£ weight or get poisoned from my cooking. 
Hot only was he fun to have around, and good to keep me §v 
from being lonely the first few days Joe went to work, 
but also he saves me the trouble of writing what has been 
going on since we came back] 

How until school starts or I get a job 
I can settle down to the comfortable groove of being a 
small town housewife. I get up at seven and get Joe's 
breakfast and eat. with, hnm and then -ntil six thirty 
when he returns there are plenty of things to do. 
Todayl have a lage pile of ironing to do and many letters 
to write. Tomorrow there will be a big laundry and 
shopping. And I suppose cleaning. By Mondav I'll he 
ready to measure the homette for curtains and to start 
trying to figure out whatever I can DO to that silly 
homette— Mike will tell you about TEAT. There's lots to 
be done, both in the new home and here, so I don't exoeot 
to be the slightest bit bored in these two weeks of 

t "*i t ± ^ , X •* ust ■ 7rote a letter to Mr and Mrs ^alonev 

T ItZfJ J h ^ W ° Uld be nice and * * n <^ ed « ™* ™ch7 
I addressed them as Dera Mother and Dad Baloney-- I hope 

that goes over all right. I didn't call them anvthin|\hil f 
I was there-this is silly, all this fuss aboutkrtto2S,lni 
in-laws! I think Mrs. Maloney liices me a lot--o? mavbe ^ 
that's her naturally loving nature. 7 

Mrs Valker an* L*!^/ 661 badly t h ° nt havin ^ " i appointee 
f :, e * and Jr3 - ne * of course we had left the nlans of 
stopping back in Allentown most vague and she shouUn'f 
have gone to any trouble for us. I did ant to see Jane 

though — goodness knows "when I'll get the chance soon again. 

I REALLY didn't know whether to stay in Belief onte that 
extra week--there were so many reasons pro and con that 
I could see me in my old habit of indecision so I sort 
of let nature take its course and didn't really DO any- 
thing about it. 

I certainly did enjoy the short tine we wer^ 
in Bellefonte though and hope it wont he too long until 
we can come bade. Per a longer time, I'm still a bit 
annoyed with Joe for changing his mind after p« got started 
because we could have planned the trip more effeciently — 
however, as you 3ay I have no room to talk along those 


Joe's job seeing to be off to an excellent 
start and he's learning many interesting things. Right 
now he's in the process of getting acquainted with the 
varies departments with which he will work. That 13, 
yesterday he spent in the drapery department and today 
he is going out with them to help hang draperies! This 
way he will become familiar with the people in the depart- 
ments and the work they de and thus be better equipped 
to deal with their problems as they core up. I expect 
to learn alot myeelf in the process! As yet his time 
off doesn't seem to be too clear but he works a 44 hours 
a week. Perhaps he'll get every other Saturday off or 
every Saturday afternoon. 

The chair fits in here very well, I think, 
and certainly makes the place look more cozy. This reaaly 
is a darling little place to live — I cto wish you could 
see it— do get 'like to describe it in detail in his own 
inimitable wayi I would have described it better to you 
myself only I'm so pr-Judiced I probably would have made it 
sound like a smaii palace! What a pity we have to move 
out — but of course it will be nice to have running wa'.erl 

I hope Papa has recovered his voice by now 
and has gotten over the effects of the American Legion. 
Give him and Mike my Iove--and don't get too busy to write 
us a TOSEKLT letter! 

I/Jaa* rvuLccL^ JL#U(^ 





|Tvu>. U~4~ H • # 




November 15, lyoO 

Dear lama, 

This corning as I was working on my senior 

paper, I thinking that I would rather be writing 
a letter to you — but I persisted in my chore and now 
I'm glad because I have a letter from you to answer I J 

We also got a, card from Ifcnry in the same mail 
telling us the hunting score. "That a clown he is — he 
said he had planned to write us a letter but that he ■ 
left his ven at home. 

Thv. little doll is cute--but it does look 
like too much work. But I vuess you can never tell "bout 
those things until you give them a try. 

I'm taking a course in advanced geology — we 
study historical geology this time; th t is, a study 
of past conditions on the earth including the changes 
in plants and animals (evolution) last year in advanced 
geology we studied geological features and processes. 
Both courses are an advanced continuation of the geology 
I sfcudyed at Barnard. I'm also studying regional geo-^ 
logy of the US — a detailed study of the geology, physio- 
graphy, mineral resoirses, climate and life in the dif- 
ferent geographic Areas of this country. 

Then I have geology seminar--meetings once 
a veeic at which the geology majors study the current pro- 
blems in geology. It also includes work for a sem or 
project upon which I haven't decided as yet. 

And then— economics about which I haven't be- 
come very excited as re*.. 

Hy scheduled has changed somffwhat Since last I 
wrote, I am now working 10 hours a week as geology lab 
assistant. Much fun and. quite enlightening— I mean, you 
really have to know what you're talking about Jtj6 in order 
to explain it to the elementary course stu.dents, For this 
I get §v.ou a week, which is good. Even with this extra 
work I think my time is o-oinc to work out well enough so 
that I won't have to spend every wee#e«et evening and all 
weekend studying and Joe won't feel too much Dike a widower; 

You should see your 24 year old married daughter- 
charging around the campus luring the daytime in a pair 
of heavy kha.Ki trousers and an Air force jacket— handsome.' 
he jacket is heavily lined and wondrously warm— ;:'m lucjey 
Joe has to get dressed up and go to work so I can wear his 
clothes--other..'ise I'd have to wear Aunt Graces black coat, 
and taat would no doubt be the end of the coat...; 

*• * -, • I Whe ? Joe flrst started out on his job and we were 
First living here we thought we were going to be able to 
make ends meet with no trouble. But food, etc, is "UCH 
more expensive {1%) than it was last soring. I'm tells rw 
you?) and, with th. extra things that you don't ordinarily 
count on, things were beginning to look a little less rosy 
But we've had two wonderful surprises this week— first. 
JOEY GOT A RAISE- and second he got a Good Business Bonus 
{ everyone got one) of $50* And with my li tie iob /e're 
beginning to feei a new surge of life' 

Now that we have an oven and I nave more con- 
iict.nco, I've avoided n ras time to branch out from 
having hamburgers. So w«»Tfc been having roasts or beef 
once in awhile- -delicious] I also had a small U.g of rarb 
one. out it wasn't too successful (too small so that, you 
have mostly bone') But the beef is fane. I buy one rib 
(I laugh .vhen I compare it to those monsters you buv, and 
whara one hot aeal, one cold real and then a deiiciouT 

<$ft iX*. \ry^^. +-U. GM*^ tr£X '& JL-^nfi^ 

3£T /Oo Ivs. IBl ^=^1 - *—^ #*^ x£^ ^ 


4 . 

1'ir glad zo hear that you 1 re still planning to 
have us there for Christmas. If you are actually going 
to buy the tickets get them from Dayton to Altoona as the 
Jefferson! an no longer stops in Xenia and we plan to 

drive to Dayton, leave the car th^re and then picir it up 
on the way -hack. 

I have made Joey a Christmas present already 
and I didn't spend a cent on it--I ! m clever Just like 
me mitheri H<= has a beat up ul&& cardboard box ail failing 
apaaft in which he Keeps a great assortment of things such 
as tie holders, cuff links, army insignia, a few nrecious 
buttons and bits of unidentifiable things, pins and. I 
don't kno .' what else—all a disgraceful! mess! So I gut 
a cigar box, split it in half horizontally so it wouldn't 
be so deep and made partitions out of the other half. 
I covered the outside with left-over yellow curtain 
material and the inside with a piect? of black felt $ 
John Powers gave me- --quite snazzy. I'm even thinking of 
putting his initials in black felt on the top: 


"vV,'ve got our Christmas cards made too. They're 
not very fancy— but they say Merry Christmas.. 

I bought 5 pounds of clay ami we -are going to 
make some Christmas presents out of it. Poor ftiends and 
relatives! Unless you would like to give us sxiggestions 
of what people there want and need you're likely to get 
showered with ceramic objets d'artl Do you still want a 

Tell Miicc: I was looking over su^e geological 
maps today and I discovered - town called Belief onte f'srmllPd 
like that) in Alabama I 

Heavens J I nearly forgot to say that the bed- 
spread came in good order and I thank you very much. I 
really was delighted as I was at s< rt of a loss to know 
what to do with the oth r. Originally I started mending 
it but then I noticed it was just piain wearing thin in ■ 

R&. / v^ ^^tU t*U/( ^ «JnrJ(r®£ 

JLn^y^ W*~-y u*€ U*Jl H**Jbu. % £2 

&UJX au>£jUc £JU -*• / A^u<e 6*fc^ 6c0L-j 
^^r UU^. u»U^ <*x*. ^-^^ a**J~\ ZC 

UU fr^ '^^ ^ <^ ^^ f 

IM^diJU*. insult (VF>*+. ^^^>w J*v6 *. 

C/cuLAA-. l<+***> <f*"l a ^ n ^) ^£^fdr «-*n#>>Cf 

£c*>p »- (VOvUjU^ , (£**~~- «**&* *>%£, ^Av^ 


: '■ J.J&' 


■ I 

"Dec 5 1950 

Dear Dad \y, 

I've been looking forward for days to writing 
to you about the Great Blizzard of '50 but the end of 
the school term is drawing perilously close, the senior 
paner needs isuch attention and it looks like letter 
writing has taken second priority! 

** Js.^ilX snowed here! I mean really. All 
during the tire we were snowed under I kept - nd.ring 
how you all were ^aki-'ng out — whether you had gotten 
rain or 3no\v or what — so I was glad to hear from Ma 
about it all, Saturday rorMing it began snowing here 
and I was driv-'ne; around town doing Tore errands. At 
times I couldn't see anything front of ' re— but I thought 
it quite exciting and kept ^hanking--! hope it really 
snows. In the afternoon I went to the science building 
to study, walking fortunately, bee-use at 5: n ,/hen r 
lef-- I couldn't possibly have m ved the car. "'hat a 
struggle g tt-'ng home! And on the way bore I bep-an to we 
worry about Joe as driving would be impossible and I 
wasn't too happy about his get.-' ing stuck in a drift or 
worse still of having to stay in Dayton! As I got near- 
the hornet te I thought I saw a faint light in the window- 
and lo and behold when I got there, Joe was hare with 
a candle burning in the window' They had been sent bore 
"rci Dayton about '- o'clock. 

_ It snowed and Mowed all night. About 10 we 

decided t go out for a walk and That fun— it took us 
two hours to_ r t out to the Powers (on the edge'of town) 
and back again. By Sunday morning the snev? had stopoed 
but trailer town -,-an really blanketed— and drifted 't 
hope the rany pictures re took will turn out rail/ 

As the newspapers said the Kiddle .vest was 

paralysed and Yellow Springs -'as no Ion. The town* 
not "being used to such storr-3 hasn't .adequate equipment 
to cope v/ith it— 30 noticing roved except pe pie talking. 

cnday night we -/ere downtown -nd there ./as a steaB shovel 
struggling with the snow in he streets I 

The f-*-ole thing «yg,g such fun— Toe didn't get. b^ftl 
to v* ck until 'Wednesday and T didn't get any tu dying done. 
k ter ific holiday spirit prevai led-— when our house wasn't 
filled '. r ith -people and boots and jacJce s, we were ••■ hi'ng 
the rounds of other houses and leaving 'nuddles from Ihe^V' 
hoots and jackets. I have never seen such a great deal of 
visiting t"-at went on Sunday Tr nday and Tuesday- -I'f all 
in favor of "bigger and better snowstorms J 

And then in typical Yell w springs fashion, it 
got warmer over las 1 weekend, Pri&ay a li+tle s^o'? 
T'-elt.-d — hut Saturday nearly, all of it relted at once— 
wkat a r>ess I J 

Thank yov for sending the drivers license forati 


Kike and Henry have both written us about what 
we want f r Christmas but Vn\ sort of at loss as to what to 
say. Of course, there are n ny things 'ire vant and need 
but as usual tie have a problem, ""'e probably will have to 
rove out of the hoiret ' e right after Christmas fPe onle 
A'lt children have priority and we are without Children). 
''/e've started looking for an apartment without much luck" 
as yet. I certainly <ould like to have a place before 
we go hone so we could bring back -ny of the stuff ,-e 
night '/ant. And of course if suddenly we were faced with 
an apartment we Fight have lots of things we needed for 
ChristmasJ Rut if we had J :o raove hack into a little 
trailer r wouldn't want any Christmas presents at all he- 
cause we wouldn't know where to put then] 

Anyway, I'll sut a 11 ' le list In *>i«» "»e* ear 
for you to -nre to Kike --nd tell him please to send, it' 
to Henery! I»w sorry t'f suddenly so laay about letter 
wnt3r * ut «»*■ the way this sc~ ool is-every thing " 

happend at once I 

We "re in a sr up thafcs working on a deal. 
(doesn't that sound fascinat ng?) Wie'll tell you more 
about it at Christinas, hut I will mention it now because 
it?, very much on my rind. A group of us got together and 
decided we could "buy land cheaner if we bought one large 
pie^e and divided it up. "he group has ret V veral tires 
to discuss oossihilities and set up committees to look 
into various phases of it, and suddenly last weekend the 
group was organized— tha' is, a legal agreement was drwn 
up and all people planning to #0 along with it were given 
five days in ,rhich to s^gn. fter ruch deliberation 
we <=dgne* e T:e agreement requires n non-refundable nay 
rent of ®25 and then monthly nay- nts of $100 from -Tan 
to Fay. TM3 money is ranked under the name of the eiroup 
and is for the of naying for the land when and if 
they find any. At any time if you can't rake payment 
you are dropped and yourflino payments returned— ""his is, 
of curse up until the time the Jand is actually bought. 
There fter, to drop out wou must sell you land to abetter 
pers«n <*o that the group ;con't be left holding th bag. 
After ■ ;e land is agreed upon and bought by the group, the 
group will co-operate to bring in utilities— it is cheaper 
that way. After that no definite plans have been rade ag 
yet hut *e building ./ill probably go on ccordin«- to 
the needs and abilities of each family, 

We cnl" s'an* to loose $25. If we find we can't 
ma e the pyments~we have half of it in war bonds— we will 
have to drop out. If after we h ve the land— and. *evey 
it doesn't look like we can ranag-e building we ill sell 
But if things work out ./ell, if I get a good .iob for a * 
year or 11 months, and „>e don't have any 'babies, we should 
be able to save for a down payment on a building loan. 
Je are tentatively thinking in terra of -. £10,000 ore- 
fa^ Do you think we are silly and. over-ontimi stiov 
I guess you can't really tell knowing just this mueh-more 

at C rngtraBt^r^el 

I'm looking forward 30 ruch to Christmas eve 


though it will he a shott one. Tell Mummi . I will write to 
her 3oon. Tell Mike I'll 3 ee him at Christmas: I'm a 
little confused as to Henry" 3 •. /hereabouts. Ma mentioned 
that he wasn't going to West Virginia after all and I 
didn't know he had contemplated going at all. Is he 
really to be drafted Bee 27th? The world situation 
stinks (inadequacy of expression:) It is the main topic 
of conversation around here end is most depressing. One 
doesn't know what to plan for— hut it seems most wise to 
maintain n optimistic and hopeful attitude. "Tell, r 
can hardly wit to get to belief onte and talk about so 
rany tbJner' with you all. 

Fere follows the list — 
Potato masher (like Fa s 
napkin rings 

.-zoo den mining spoon 

. — meap-re, isn't i^: 

I iris* I were in the position to say I wanted sewing irachine,. 
vacuum cleaners and things like that: 

I jSUA U#<*< tie. ^un^suL 




3 CENTS 3 


■ I 


January 9 f 1951 

near Turtle, 

I certainly have ^linped on the letter ferritin?-- 
I don't know where al?. t v e tir-e I supposedly had *h£l6 
down at the Sw^nnerton's vrentl Te 'ad. a most pleasant 
time there, though I wasn't sorry to get hack to our -very 
own domain. Actually, outside of housework, I -ink I spent 
most of my tire running n.round to talk to my other house- 
wife friend si 

"For t e third tirre I say, rest emphatically, 
Christinas was just nerfect — we "both had a wonderful tir<e 
and thank everyone a.p:ain for all the nice presents, Es- 
pecially yours — the tripl The potato rasher works very 
■ell. I haven't tried t ! e food grinder yet hut will very 
soon. The little table is quite effective and the records 
have been played at least a hundred times and most of the 
cigarettes have "been sr?o'' ed having been lit by the slightly 
used lighters! A#& the napkin rings are very satisfactory. 
{"Except I haven't gotten Joe convinced that he, not I, should 
fold up his nankin] ) "Vvervthinp: was .just fine. Also, I 
really enjoyed the little party you had very much — other, 
arise I prohahly wouldn't have seen any of those neople hut 
I certainly was glad for t*>a chance to talk to their. It 
all was most thoughtful of you. 

It was fun "alTtlng +.0 you New Year's "ve--I do/i hope 
you '/ere able to get sor-e sense out of the conversation! 
I kept thinking about ^ou all during the party an' wishing 
so jnueh that you could have bean th re— go finally I liust'' 
HAD to call. Fy dear, it was a delightful party," really. 
Tt was alftost elegant. .All of our friends were quite well 
dressed up and on surprisingly good behavior- -all 17 of them 
"•here were people in all the rooms t downstairs!) sitting, 
moving around, w" t-lh, talk, talk. We had hacker ound 

mu&lc- -Christinas records- -which few people heard and i-ost 
fancy hors d'oevrues ( T tried) which Joe Mid I spent 
most of the day making, Joe and I got so excited by the 
whole idea and then when the party began to look as t oisgh 
it rould he a most successful enterprise, we were too 
delis-htea--we keep imnderins: fror- roor to room with & hi# 
sriles : o see how everything was g f, ing. And the whole t in? 
was #oin£; l^'ke a very socjahle ^oyernor ! g ~eceptjon. Unlike 
a governors reception, though, ve Had t -to small baMea 
and a three year old! They certainly helped keep the party 
going — the babies got massed round <nd ad v .ir^d aitf at one 
feline, most of t^e r.en were on^ the &inifts roor floor Playing 
v i b 1 * Jiirany r s toy car 3 J 

we had lesignated 4-5 as the party tine hut 
soma ere as late as five, "lie majority of the people left 
around 7:30 or 8 and then Joe who ms getting might3y ""ungry 
suggested that the rest, eat supper there. Good old .Toe! 
Three of the hoys adjourned to the kitchen and cooked al3 
the eggs we had while T sat in the l&varag roor aiad -nrayed ' 
none of Its. Svinnerton' s stuff / uld get broken. (as- it 
roe ,iu3t one glass candlestick wont— not an expensive one) 
After that "real" (at vhich there were only 7) ttfo left, 
and then two rore an-' then' at about 10:30 we took the Peter's 
sister-in-law home, *5fe stayed at the Peters for an hour 
and then struggled home to start cleaning uo the debris 
to the sounds of the new ye- rj 

The Christening was most interesting and I enioyed 
it immensely. In the first place I was flattered to be ' 

the godmother! In the second place T was interested in seeing 
what a Catholic baptist* was like-and I was quite nle?sed 
oy it it is much longer than an Episcopalian baptism— that 
is it has more detail connected with it, though actuaUv 
Father Antony rattled it off quite raniily. I thought I 

keS au??e InT t T S r M d '- ol \^* W. »ut instead I was 
r? 5" t' e bUsy % J dont ^ePiember the order of things but 
I'll tell you a few of the rituals. The ariest ™i«- t«r,+ • 
but J*, and I had quite a few responses to^aS i nc^n/Se" 


Vpo sties Creed (.Joe and I spent all morning prat Icing it 
w*4 while raking hors d'oevroesl) 'he baby had crosses made 
at her constantly, had salt, put in her mouth (she smiled at 
that], had water poured over her head vith a gold scoop 
(she smiled at tha", too) was anointed with oil on her bead 
and her chest and Hack f that took sore nanuever ing) had o 
linen napking laifl upong' her{ which fell to the ^loor) 
v^/v^/ 3, cndle turned oyer her for one prayer. Joe and 
trtelA/M/Wt/tf/fW. I touched the base of the canUe 
which was amusing because Father Antony is quite old nd 
was reading and the can-re in his hand kent moving so l" 
had a hard tire keeping up with it and holding on to Pat 
too] JUvery+hing went well and the baby didn't cry. She 
is -;uch a big one -nd had so many clothes and blankets 
on t-t several tires r got a little frantic thinking I 
was going to roo something— about the middle of the" cere- 
mony good Father gave re a chair to sit in: 

School started yesteday, Hit I suooose I -von't 
get into _ the swin- of f i ngs for a couple of days. I have 
a mass m 45 minutes so I guess .I'd better stop this. 

I did mean to find out. more about my African v-ol^f 
before I left Bellefonte, It is quite definitely two pl 9n ts 
and is getting much to Mg for one pot. Sore of the digger 
leaves are dying but there are a lot of fresb gre°n new 
ones in the center-- is it all right to transplant now? 

Did you know the Needle and Don are movine out '-fvp 
as T) 0n has a job at wrigbt ^ield? "hat funj I do wish 'she' ' 
•oul flrra+« to re ~o I woul • know more about it I'll >e 
tickled to have so^e relatives close by— some times I feel 
all too far away from my kith and kin. And also as Joe ' 
says, .his will give other members of the family a double 
reason for vigjting -he riddle west; 

.. . We liked Daddy's calendar very much, '"he thrill 

th t cores once in a llfetime-to he on Papa s mailing list* 




February 19 


Dear Da^dy 5 

I have a piece of upsetting news I wanted to 
tell you a"bnut. last JPriday 7 r. Swinnerton wag suddenly 
tafre'n ill and rush d to the hospital where it was dis- 
covered he "' d suffered a "moderately severe" heart 
at tack— 'Coronary th ombosis* He is no'/ in n oxygen 
tent and according t the latest reports do lag as we" 1 1 
as could h n expect -d. Joe and I went ever to see hatil- 
d^ last night and to offer our services in any way. 
She gave irie several errands to do at school nd Joe a j60 
couple to :o in Dayton. She of course is greatly upset 
hut seers to he taking everything pretty yell. 77e stayed 
quite awhile ,/ith her, which she seeded + o appreciate j 
and she told us all bout how lie was. 

I e will probably be in the hospital least 
three weeks and then have to remain in bed at home about 
six more, which means something will have to be done 
about the geology department.. The two lab assistants 
cime over to see re yesterday about H. They are .^oing 
to take over the elementary class and /anted pe to take 
the adir&n;©ed classes. I f m in ^oth of the clashes and vy 
responsibilities will be '- stly to see that the work 
goes at the pace he planned and to lead the class dis- 
cussions. I really don T t know yet wh ■ ■ it n 1 1 involve 
or how it ?ill rrry out, hut I tl in} T'l.l be able to do 
i i all rig' t. 

The w' 7 ole thing '>s pretty upsetting— -I .am so 
fond of him personally, and kno ving what n active and 
life-loving guy v e is I hate to think of the limitations 
this rill put on his future activities. Of course, it 
■is too early yet to know how he* 11 wake out but we can 
always hove for the best. As ^atild* said, tMs ray 
be the only attack he has till he's 75- -y era can't tell. 
In case you would like to write hir a note or send a 

card, he will he in R comfit Sity Hospital, Springfield, 

Other than this life around here has -een fine. 

" r eedie and Hon rare "been over to see us twice and we 'ire 

en.ioyed their visit 30 r.uoh. They haven T t found -an np^rt- 

r-ent as yet. but they're Incky to have hi3 parents to 

stay //ith. Joe and C are starting to look for a place 

to live as we /Hll h ve to move in rVpril. So far nothing 

defini 'e hut several possibilities. Housing is really 

tight around here because of bright P441d 5 it's a 

matter of getting so^et" ing, not looking for something 
you like] 

I have several good ,ioh pos nihilities for 
April when I finish school, but I'll tell you more about 
them when things are ir.ore definite. fcroiid other things 
is my senior project in geology—I'iE going to write a 
children's hook on fossils, and of course if it turns 
out to he a howling success, I shall Just sit home, 'save 
babies and write morel -J 


I don't know whether I told you or not buj Joe 
has had a raise in pay and a new ,iob. He is now assistant 
employment manager which pleases him no end— that is, it 
5s the bottom rung in the ladder of the Personnel De- 
partment, and -personnel is the sor' of work he is most 
interested in getting into. Also we now null in |65 a 
week— which isn't much! I uied to think that 
was BO much money. A.11 1 ever see of it is $15 with' 
ft ich I buy all the food (except milk), toh n et articles 
and little things like camara film etc. It is the same 
amount of money I got last spring— but it surely doesn't 
go as far. I'm currently taking a course in economics 
vrtuch I dislike intensely— I get bored in class listening 
to the theory of the thing, when j n e7er - ^ n , r i-sfg t 
have tc sweat out its practicalities J 

Our land and building plans which we told vou 
aoout at Christmas are still on the fire. The groun has 
oeen legally incorparated, the**. «X* 14 couples'"' involved 
and everyone so far has paid the first |200 intr the 
corpora :on. we have our eyes on a very desirable piece 
of land but the landowner is now in Florida so we rust 

wait. He had. been approached by our committee so he 
knows about our idea and seeded favorably inclined. 
In the meant 4 me, Joe is dra ing houae-olans like wad. 
I really haven't had the time to do much myself but 
he's working out the basic ideas of what we want— and can 
have! I can't get too enthused about building until 
it begins to look more plausible but then I'll fly into 
action. is it looks now, if we do get a piece cf land, 
the thing we would do is build a snail (2"bedroom) , attic 
less, basement-less unit with plans for future expansion 
when we need nore space anrl have the money (I do' hope the 
two core at the same time:) I'm not convinced about 
not having a basement and/or an^ attic. I have been of 
the opinion that we should wait until we can build more 
what we want, but am qvn'ckly seeing the advantages « of 
the expansible house so that we can be paying mortgage 
instead of rent in the meantime. 

'fell, I must go and do T'atilda's errands and 
see the Dean about the geology classes. I hope life 
in Belief onte continues to h e beautiful--. /hich reminds 
me, someone was looking a + our redding pictures yesterdav 
and they got the biggest kick out of Belief onte being 
a bourough (sp?) and you being the burgess I Every time 
I stop to think that I have been married OVER a year-- 
I am amazed. And in case you are interested, Poor Old 
Ealoney looks as though he is surviving the whole thing 

quite well] J J 



1 w,S ** U H i l--b tf. ^ «■ !■*.-> t,i ■ 1,- 1 ■^Tgj 


6* _ 






"Friday I arch 23 

Dear Mama and Papa, 

It occurs to me I should least write you a 
letter wishing you a very happy Easter* I too wish we 
were going to he f ere with you— "but we shall think 
about you all day. Which won't be any Jifferent than 
any other day— I mean, ire think about you ever.; d^v'" 
Anjpray, HAPPT 3ASmjJ " 

I engoyed your last letter rery very much. 
Your trip sounded rft -feet and I only 3 one - u plan to ] ake 

yo r next one out in this direction.. 'ill yon all be "" 

£?*!L L? 0rK; + 0Ut for my sraawationT Mike and i snry too?? 
fe' re going to j ove next week and hone to arrange things, 
so we'll be a^le tc put up the hole family* nil tell 

r^i^eVL^efLftS! "'** ! "° Tinff int ° nSXt W@e& *« 

Swinny came home from the hospital lasi ^eVp^ 

":f^°:: 7 ?^ erful - H V - a t0 Sta > v Wtmrs tat Is dress- 
ed and roa ing around, he ia a steady strea of visitors 
■ jc rake, life pleasant enough for him. I go down as 
often as I can and do as much as I en Tor the* 5iev®r £ 
such wonderful people (even talkative KatildaTT ana I 
always geel very much at home there. Kaiilda iisses me 
when I arrive and Swinny kisses re whan I leave-- ^^ 
retting kissed by ones geology professor! ' " " e 

vo, i- now T feel at h 
onday I s Levelled the 3 no-,/ f r them w«rP t iS * 

terday.I bu ■ ned the rubble , nd ^ Jot T] w «J K* 7& *' 

ftm matilda to buy , il e z£ in ^igjield ?odav' ^ 
copalian lov fof ^ul e^ S In^he^?*^ ° ^ **- 

toS^S'^ib fTni^eVt i{? bh ? Bfte W"o£li« 

e a.* j. guess i im go to an earlier service. 

!•- ioo Wng f0 „ ird t0 the Tl31t- .hY^r^Lr In; 

washing my pink dress you made to wear. I was wondering 
.-'ether the feat can be washed—it has some -sort of stiffen- 
ing in it. 


.... . ,? nlv * te "« '" n ^ days of school next, week and then 

, l e ,} finished--, That an gazing thought. The classes 

. ve been"teachmg» have gotten i ore successful as tire 

went on and I alMst hate tc give it up. I really would 

™, V !!?T lru ?. t0 * e a teacher— except for grading. It is 
Miiiicuit and m some «rays inequitable. That is, its hard 
to know W-..0 really has worked. Also, little personal tr it< 
have such an influence on t.h — nd of the grader. 

I have an excellent .iob beginning April 9 i n 
a jutty plant! I'll tell you -o re about it later too... 

Jut it 13 a good ,1ob and I'm looking forward to so ins to 

work, - "-' "■*■- 

, , r - J, was r0st P le ased at you re ction tc my fossil 
_.ooJc. needless to say I haven't done much on it the last 
ffew_ weeks, out I have a good start on the material I r,i an 
to include. I re n, accumulating the • terial. I shal haye 
to discuss it .vith swixmy before final decisions are m de ' 
and then will go ahead Writing and making pictures whjle 
.'m wording. I hope to have it finished bv June. 

by June. 

. _ D ** - 1 tel1 yo^ about all the plants I have' This 
place is looking like a greenhouse. I have on ] s ] j,." 

^ 1C tL"ii:t) and T° nfi fUmy + ^t 1 * Sad l0 ° ki ^ one" Senar ted 
nw i I'' , I 2 :a I e a 3t rawberry begonia and two pots 

M no, trying 1 ^ '^"^ ™™°* * W «- ago 

I rust be off to Springfield as I have a co lie 

tf ™,T ; nd ? t0 d °* 7 ' aT5py 3a3ter a 'S a * n and very much lore 
to you not; from your devoted daughter 


' *~. 

[uj 5 •' *-~>l 
w 195! °>i 

*• v— ■ . 

*\ -< ■ I 

• V 






Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 
Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs, Ohio 

29 June 1951 

"Dear Daddy and Mummie, 

I'm still walking in pink clouds as a 
result of yr-ur wonderful visit: It couldn't have been 
ir.ore perfect and I shall enjoy just thinking about it for 
many, many weeks to come. I got both Fa's letter and Pa' 
card saying what a wonderful time you'd had- -and I know 
you. did— you seemed to be enjoying yourselves so much' 
And so were we. I love you both so very much as peoole— 
not £ only as a mother and father— "but peonle whose~com~ 
P'-ny I enjoy. A.nd as a mother and father there could be 
none better than you, I might add I 

_ L ife here has been moat hectic 3ince you 

left, ^ and though I've heen thinking about you both so much 
this is really the first time I've had to write. There is 

3 ?*5 U 2 t0 , f a ^ X hardl ~ k *<™ -rfiere to begin-so I'll start 
with the details first and get on to the big doings later 
on in tnis or the next letter, depending on how //ell i 
hold out J 

I loved your notes which I kept finding all 

over the place. Of course, I was a little depressed (let 

down) when I got hone from work M Tuesday (but that's the 

way I am) and it was so nice to keen finA^ y0 ur message?, 

,1-n-h+oj -xv ^ 6 Mtc]nea cabinent is perfect and I'm so 
delighted tfitfc it. It doesn't stick out far at all and 
it holds an awful lot of stuff. I have most everything 
from the linn:- room cabinent in it plus a tw of the kit- 
chen things that were in inconvenient places before.' Tt* a 
nearly the same height as the stove and looks very good 
next to it. Thank you ago in so very much. ' 

I haven't touched Martha's dress yet hut 

Ser you St ™? J-f^S Z °^ ** hair the Wednesday 

2 te 2r n x n ? dld the best - io1 ° I?ve ever *°™ on it. 

Smiles It- tl l°°*n UkB a f 1 ^ d0 « ** everyone else 
admires it J The fossils haven't come yet but I'll let 

you know about them as soon as they do. . 

The Thursday after you left and before 
graduation was the dav of the Renins qaii+rlvv 
je caned the Power, l*L2£J^^ l J£™%~S«*- 

..) II en we went to another party and then we went 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs. Ohio 

■fee aiwUiif paji'L-- an! ,LLw,i „r uiii to the dance. The dance 
was very much fun and we all had a Rood tire* Afterwards,. 
Joe, feeling in a good mood, invited a lot (I really don't 
know how many) of People up (fortunately they brought their 
own bottle bedause ours was nearly all anvrorej) and we I 

had quite a party — -ore fun. 

, . Next morning Joe and I struggled off to 

work ( and it was a struggle) rnd about the middle of the- 
day I called Joe at Hike' 3 to see how he was making out 
And the secretary said "Mr. ^Taloney is no' in today" Very 
alarmed I caJl«* home— and Joe was so disa^ointed because 
he had planned to have the day off in order to fix a wnclii 
tor we. It really was funny, because it was the first time 
l nad called Joe at :ork and then only because of the - 
lie had oeen feeling that morning' And Joe had gotten up 
and gotten dressed, and made like he was goins to work iu 3 t I 
so his surprise would come off well! 

Needless to say I rushed home after work 
most curious' Te came home in the midst of a very bad 
rainstorm and lo and behold Joe was getting home 'just as I 
wras--he had gone downtown for something and gotten caught 
in the rain. So he was going to rake me wait at Jane's 
until ne put the finishing touches on everything. Then he 
walked into the apartment and-horrers-he had left the 
oedro or window open so a huge river waa flowing out into 
tie \a l. Poor Joe— he waa so upset and ker>< sayine his 
surprise was ruined and it had been an awful day etc etc. 

I st yed in the bedroom after we cleaner* ' up 

t 1 ! L and a3iured nte that nothing was ruined and that 
I lwidhli; anyway etc etc and he went + n work in the U vim 
room Suddenly I heard the strains of IA TRAVI TA-a new 

!!!^lA mhed int ° tlW llTlB « T0 ^ ** :-n should ?S4 
ooch v. ax 1 saw. 

On the coffee table candles -/ere burning 
and there was a big bowl of yellow ro 3 es and seven big 

m f ? Ti^^ Bat Kfl 7 WaW * in Pretty ^peTTnd 'ribbons' 
-TO t ,e laundry— all done— and neatly folded in the basket 
wth a long ribbon coming out of the basket and pinned on 

sav or°dn *? 3PS11 " C ? n f ? t3Mi X JU3t didn,t tS St ? 
say or do— I was completely overwhelmed. Real! I iust 
didn't know / what to 1 ake of it. J 

. or ._ m the Presents where things I really iranted 

and anjarantly expressed -in interest in sometime in - Sit 

e said he kept a list: Brieflv, A Revere la,e double 
boiler, two boxes of this stationary, a lovely n-ion'slin 
a little silver dish I saw in Mke's once and iS d ao ' 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

Twin Apple Apartments R. R, 1 Yeliow Springs, Ohio 


much, a red handbag to go wit: the hat and four lovely 
silver rimmed class sherbet dishes with rclates to mtebiJj 
Oh, I wis you could see it all J And then after all, this,' 
he took me to tie Trebein Janor for dinner! 

with the cab-'nent and all these things I 
certainly had a graduation! And .Toe's mother sent re a 
present too — a silver sugar bowl and bream -pitcher with 
"IV s" on them, that had been in the family, very very pretty. 
•Toe had told her once if she ever wanted to send us a 
present she should look around the house before buying 
something because he knew ahe had. a lot a pretty things 
she never used. I loved the present and he was delighted 
she 'al sent them as he had always liked them too. And 
•Toe's brother sent a present too from Janan. tittle figures 
of the seven gods of good fortune. Very interesting and 
nicely made. I wish you could see them. 

Graduation itself was really exciting • nd 
one of the best they've had in years, so everyone said, 
the speaker. Dr. Bunehe was most interesting • nd it didn't 
ram! Joe took some pictures and if they turn out well 
•7e» 11 send yn n goiee. The day 'tself wag hectic plus 
fe went to the wedding at 7:30, had breakfast downtown 
71th some ^r lends, graduation at 10; 30, lunch downtown 
with John and Edy and John's mother, wedding reception at 
3:30, party at 4 and home and to bed at 9: 30 J 

. . f «nday was hectic too and Monday ji I finally 
did the ironing! 

The heautiful red hat looked even better 
with m y> short hair. I got many comments on hew well T 
looked in the dress Heinle sent, and my new shoes and the 

ifett beaut Ilulf^ *** * ^ * l00lCe " ^^tiful' because 

I enjoyed the article about Jane's wedding. 
Here is a cartoon I thought you would get a kick out of 
And also the graduation program for your archives. 

,,.«.„„« • , l3n,t ! hls - paper el egant? (I eally shouldn't 

defame if oy using a typewriter" I .till haven't quite 
gotten used to the hrs. J ] alonev being me--and it has been 
for nearly 17 months J However, no one ever calls re Mrs ' 
alonev so I haven't a chance to get used to ItJ " 

„*. , . .. ,f ? Slad your trip back wasn't too bad--T waq 

afraind it would be terrible and thus discourage you So- 
ever coming back! I believe I should stop writing ??« 

over -vorkinp; the exclamation p'sintaj But I'r very happy 
and ver - excited atxmt life in general J I 



3 3«ffl ' 


3 CENTS 3 

* * 


ua t 

r -'- 

f-~ - 1 »e . 







■ ■ 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 
Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs, Ohio 

August SO, 1951 

"Dear Ma, 

Last, week certain!-' wa3 an exciting one! As you 
no doubt know by ^how, vour letter arrived the day after the 
boys did-~and so we were completely surprised by their 
yia-ft— ■ fid -or-^letelv deli*?b ed! "/hat a £.£ oane of downs... 
As far as ve're concerned they can oo-n in here any old time 
tbev like as they ^re hoth excellent house guest&J You 
should have seen the- both tucked neatly in on the conch 
the first night — they looked like two foot long hot dogs 
in one six lne* bun: For V e subsequent nights we borrowed 
the G ere's cot and air ma+tress vT-vie.h worked out very well. 

I guess T hardly need tell you about anv of the 
details of their visit as vou h ve the first hand source of 
information right there, Te did have fun though, nd I hope 
they di'd too. 

'Vhen they were getting read'?- to leave, the three 
of us were searching around for anything they may have for- 
gotten and r kept saying, "well, if you have forgotten -any- 
thing, I c*n alvays irafi it" and lo and heboid about two 

our- after thev left I discovered they had forgotten so-e- 
tMng— *a big basket! I beliece it's yours, it looks f wills 
and I'm wondering what to do. I th^nk the Post Offive /irovld 
accept it just as it is wi+V a tag on it, or voul d vou he 
afraid it would he d^m.asred? Or sho"' 1 i I keep it until the 
next itinerent co'--es t v is ray? Or should I keen it **m use 
it for a ■ ag-azine --ick?! 

last nigM •/<? had an interest- 5 ng evevrncr. ^or 
the last couple nf days a group of 15 foreign students ve 
been in Yellow Suringa as na--t 6f ■- six week tour of the TT B. 
They ^re boomed and boarded at various peoples ho^es nd 
last, night the Game's and we enter+a^'ned two o^ them ?°t 
dinner. " r e ad the™ in our apar+m-ent and v 'ad a Boston Arid/ 
naked bean nd b^o m bread meal for which Jane and T split 
the cooking. One of on- guests was a young -an for Belgium 
r,., • the ot er a girl fro^ France " o lidn*t speak """ugli^a 

very well. Te also invited "". lit! in the sen" 1 -'tor vho 

is here to fix the head~-(vou have he ird about the head? 
He is Hungarian and s esks "Pre neb verv veil v v 5ch is one of 
the reasons w^v we asked him. v he dinner rag very successful 
and the evening rest interesting. Ve all learned alot abou' 

France aid Relgiur - nd life in Western Europe in general 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

Twin Apple Apartments R. R. 1 Yellow Springs, Ohio 

In case f e boys d3dn r t tell v^ou* v-hen school 
3 t arts T "7i 1 1 aga? n b ° .1 e - : n i ng tb e r 9 Irs of tl e iro r fr i ng Glass. 
I have ^ io in t e G-eoio^-- Oepart^nt as lal as=n stent. It's 
the s me job as the students naml'lv h^ve and r myself hare 
done the vcrk before on t*wo 3-e , oarat.e accasi^n3. rn hev couldn't 
find ; student ' o satisfies them ^nd ^o they asked ire if T' 
r01 "^.^e 7illin#< Of cowsre T rag delighted. I 1> |t*ite 
fg [liar '" : t v e vo^lc and 1 5>e Jt-~and best of its 

a twenty hour a ?sreek &e**l. Of course, I won't get naid ny 
f ah -'long sums, hut ever- Mt J el*n-4# 

Did we office' 1 -1 " info ■ you t 1 at ve are 

no v 1 -vndr.v/nfvrs'J ^h^ onfinr, j e str "" B on ^q/r^^sld : "~e 

3 been signed nd '.-■ r iTl ' '"e the f"T 1 it) y enis 
receive our -~ J - 7 e3 as soon a^ tfl s corn now ?*** r ini£ tl e *e ^ 3 
harvested, rhich rill Tie 3o w eti r/, e bet^en h he middle of 
ge-pt ember md t v e end 0? October. ' rv excite isrj In tl 3 
r«g-« nti e tl e /y{ "pla* 1 n'll b€ plotted >nd lots 3ra f n 1 
and then nn ' 6 'e £ id thrown in '- fro* 1 wl 5 :ce ire rill 

all draw onr future homesitesj 80 we ' ive -io *Me- tip- ; 
now exactly i ch hali ; c"e is onrs T ut all of H • *e 
■ '■'" excel 1erai 30 we just sfo ou1 and look a,t the 'hole 
jmfiel ' and sigh >!*? r-el r ef \ i hann-inessl 

I keen looking ^or Tour letter on Jwdy, 7e 
fo* id put as much 3 vr»a hn^anly posgj Le co ; ider3 1 ' e 
fa* Hat ike "rou" 1 ,+ u tnd Re rnjldn't be serious! 

However, T & Kfeei 1 e is very nice and ' . n ot on f v e b^.11, 

Jut T need the maternal opinion wh3cb Is mush ^ore acute-! 


"Hid T tell you T made myself a nice looking 
skirt an^ a pair of shorts out of t^e old vellow Flomeite 

cnrt 3 i I ar quit' leased ■' raetfj T "y next 1 , c 

i~H be * T'a a T s is / •"' f 1 ong "ait) and t en tc 

^ ' t on S'Ome h ■■ c-f m- n-es f-w .t^-- ? s 3~' ^ f er ! a »e and f n r ° 
f r 5 e nd her «=• . I v av e f ot?r y^ r d s f f 1 a n n e 1 a nd ri 1 ] * ke 
so'-e 7 ' .: nag id Sa^ues* 

I '-•-.v^ been wondering about krm sei^ recently. 
Is she still in Belief birte .0 f hat is e Icing? I ^uess 
I s> ■ ' j n ;: . ' t e her a "Jet t er ne of t ] = ' & da:v s . 

It is a r tful clear cool day and I am filled 

mritil ambitio to do lot of 3 thi 3 li>e transplant 

the r5 1 ry es;onig to ' - ;:■• not ,nd make a shelf above 

the stove for tlss soloes! So t guess I had better ?e t about 
business before i v&rms up and I v egiu ^c feel lazy J 

JTTUAcL- Xaat 


t * 

_: _ 



f *«J 


>ruary '] 

Dear J u^mie and T)addyj 

v es, We really ire moving**and ve're both 
uite excited about it JJ The apart ent across the 
hall is all painted and ready, "hut we don't, have to 
>e out of here until next Thursday, 30 in effect 
■ r e have two aoar tr e n t s at th j 3 po i nt . 

The other place will be so much nicer — 
though a lit* 1 © eanaller— but with all the extra In- 
dowa and the door and the hieher sink we ,1ust can't 
loose. tenos Tent wild on the painting hut I less 
we T ll get used to it. # ^he living roo^r has bright 
"blue walls and a pale prrer\ celling and the hedroor 
had orange-huff walls and a green-yellow celling-- 

" "T-'II ^t t^e hatl r> or is a n^ce green and 
t i- ie !--itc>ien a nice 2&J] low. Uso the faucets over 
there don't leak (w6 bope) and t e Voles aroui the 
bathtub have heen ret>lastered and there is a new 
pottv seat so all in all. it is quite fine. 

Tuesday I speni nearly all day in ii] 
an<i re "ad a great tire, ^e h -ht a 3eautyreast 
mattress, hex springs and a funny ftetal frare to 
keep their of* 4 the f&opr—the hedstead will cove 
later in life, And ve bought a couch**the kind that 
rakes into a reasonably comfortable double bed. 
A.nd we bought x»-teria3jB for curtains for the living 
roor window. It was a tou^h job to set something 
to go with t; lovely blue— and Fr not sure we flid-- 
hut it is awfully prettv rrateroal % w, v 

.ackground with yellow, black and a touc > of red se 
abstract design, The couch cover will be &ray, 
blacla and yellow, too, so at least they will ra+ch 
' other if not the walls. ~ rr e hope to *et t v e bed 

\y f^e middle of next weafe, hut the couch won't 
co-^e until kmil unfortunately. 



Tith t.Ve things we have and the new rturchasee 
we will "Hp adequati#- furniahed, 0;i i te s few things 
ill "he ^i"ip^. on the ^loor for awhile H*t that ■•■ L] 
e rectified via our he dr coir car >ent ' r g^on tch 
e T ll o-et Rein^ as soon as t v e moving ia done. 

T 9hat fun really getting onr own stuff at Iae+ J 
Vnd this is a tire when 'king for a de 
store really pays. If von "buy over §100 rorbt of 
furniture it one t;j ■■-■■ and pay cash for it, you sret 
it fro vi the manufacturer at cost. So .Joe is selling 
his last stocks and we are doing Just that— thus 
re f ve a at only hatt of the money re ;ot i,nd 
haven't as yet decided on t to Invesi the rest, 

e saw a verv nice dining roor: tahle-- 1 iU3l 'hat we 

ranted- -"but decided aga;S ist it for now 
e T d spend all our tittm '.vprrying about ©caret 

eni ■ -- to it. ^e do need a ' -.'.. 
, it for rore J - in ju«it dinina>-also letter 
■ -■ t ' ■ z 9 rm'f^ ■: p a-, e - r 51 H£ ; trc 3 :--■ I 
we 1 11 sro to a seco.nd hand s + ore and sret a sturdy 
thine we m.n use .later Tor n work table, bhnr 
"ite nai iveg are sewing n*ael wj ■ nd washing i ■■ te 
r Jugi ig a t i 

Phankyoi: for ^el] n - a about the ot>-er 
furniti e there. fe rill kee* it 'Inr^n* for Later 
..: setae one is travelling thjg wav or that, T do 

vei el ":.-*t the hook case s ■ -^tir.-e, bu1 r on ! + 

need it h< -e nrohaKLy as ; - ere are built in ones. 
I dou r e ! ll vant the desk — 11 3s terr: ■ ■ 
ts [ re ■ - - t th e d r e 3 s i rsflj t ah ] e a a i li t i e 

ell, - can gee ahrut all f ; -•; later. 

Joe jus+ tonight put the second coat of 
on 1 ir he re-caned — f] i1 •■lack. Don't 

shudder— it is sir^nly beautiful} P is ejoSb< 
e waxed which will give it a soft sheen. lack 

rings out the lovelj linen the chaii has and rhi 
rere sorewhat ohecured T ^v all t' e varnish and ctrli- 

cues, "'e were both snr Drieed &1 how "ikingly 

fcifu3 It looks and E ' i nk you'll like it oo, 

■ . ■ e :t o i n$ t o pi ■ t ■ It f 1 C C S on it 'ii 1 . r /e 2 ? 
it too j c Qain, hile he was antin« the chaT, 
r oainted the little wooden chest of drawers '■■ Lad 
in the homette a li#ht gray. A. ya&t - ; prov< over 

n] - : n u ■ ' ' i ■' rood! tt wag a armr of the Foment 
■■• ind r used lefi over white fror the hi# cabinent 
txed with a 15 1' le of the c~ Lr's black 

T en.i : 3d t e le' ter you i "derl ' -ow 

ike intensely* Re is ronderfu] and I canM ret 


he inn amazed at Mr-yd, T will a it on to 

einie /vith instructions to i eturn it to yon. 

At r eedie ! s ]->ouse for dinner a iveek or ; bo 
igo we learned of \ ' arv's separation plana and 

-e quite interested m them-, I " ■ especially 
interested in "feedie's attitude, I'yr so $lad they 
->,ve iBo-re-d out here—I've really gotten to know >er 
nd she is one of my best friends] " r e were never 
t all cl'ffSB ■ -afore-- she tscs for' rddi tgly wr»ow*u- 
nicative and I nev.-r really knew wh&i she thought a^o* 

In. -t Sundav Joe and C tr oed three or four 
ties out in the snow through the countryside to 
the se T s estate, T+ ra.8 quite a hike and we i 3 
sue? fun, Te had fun there too-- romped with the 
■ids and had sunner and had a pleasani evening yitb 
the growmms after the kiddies ent to bed. 

So "-the h oo k has core to the. ^ore igainj 
Of course, we probably have ir'agined that Joe and 
I are >e«Innin« to tMiafc seriously about pro ting--. 
by t we ■ r e still in the th j nir i n^ s t as e 3 o don ! t s t ar t 
o.ovn-- ■ m vet: Do you two rant to he grand-Darente?? 
Tell, actually, ve really think we ! ll 8 art doins sore 
: -, nfT about it co--- spring (That's a ^ood tire, no?) 
ind of course, "Pr dvine: to read 1 e book— though T 
don't care rtiether we have boys iyi- girls— just so we 

have several of each I 


Joe #oes to !1 ica^o the fjrgt re-elf in 
■"-ire 1 " but I ! ni not going, ,r e've just about talked 
ourselves into sjoing to Colorado this su: r--[ 
want to go very uracil and I guess I should say I've* 
just t-iiz-e' 3 Jo-fa into itl--so I'd 'ather save 

up for t"h at v •■ ure r at ' e r t h an go i na t o Ch 3 o aso . 

It oer tal nlv 5 ound s a s if you-- bo 1 .h o f 
you "have been busy, I voi ' ' like be aisle to attend 

the fashion affair and ^ee yon jailer: of na^nt'in^sl 

Daddy, 7 ^ you eve: hi fr-ora + he 7 " tl 

town in ' ■■ i Je gev? It. nil 'he aw le before I 

«ret to k jrftfeon tha + :eneole>£y, but I will send you 

lovely copy of it hen T ^o„ 

"11, T see?" to he nearly -jvif a . life 
has been Trost busy here ■ oo and ry le ; r I i 

■■ to pot, T shall not forget a pact; e of 
1 ■ ■ >~-it 3 s a beauty-* : 1 ' s P-i e •' 3 afht v t ■ 3 
us think of -■irentsl And vet;, ai thi-s 

tire, as-ain and - 1 o-s-i inly for it. Ct nil he 

wonderful next ioor, because we ■ tM have 
oe snaee r o lar ;. 

L/O^ Ha^^cX^ j2*S1>^ 


\^DO &*&- 




,: , 


Kof kn> 

a m,^ 






% , 




...-•■ / 








■ ■ 

**, m 


I ft 

?<U~u>zr od^JL 4-vc <*/> J ('«- faff ***T*" tot 

/U *JL m^ **_ s>v^ ^~~&>U ^ ^^f^ 

^» F£&- j£>! *v»* (u **- 1 **»^ - HurritA. * Hdfp^. 

jl+JsujU, b^****-^ ******** dMM-f^+1****. fc^ 1 
X vJL 2D-^t ^ ~* fr^ ' *~ ,*f^ 



-■^4- nrTArB 



1/TlA y fyuo #. M'&oue 


Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 
106 Woodrow Street Yellow Springs, Ohio 


Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

106 Woodrow Street Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Seotember 29 

Dearest. "Daddy and Mwle, 

You both sounded so wonderful over the oh one last 
night! ^or weeks I've "been wanting to talk to you hut I 
kept thinking I shouM wait to he really sure. ' I managed 
to wait until after the vacation, and then I was going to 
vait until after I had he-en to the doctor's hut that is 
several weeks away and seeme^ just too long. Goodness Hie, 
T thought when tHs happened, T would kno ? for sure in a 
flash and oall you right awav, hut it seeps you go for 
wee>s Wondering! 

T did tell "'"ike and ^anrv when they were here t'"e 
second time— it was too exciting tp keep hut certainly 
didn't seer real. T figured t was ahout 5 weeks pregnant 
then, and ahout 10-J weeks now. T keen thinking something 
s-nectacular is goinp- to happen to re, hut nothing does, so 
T guess everything is going along fine. 

T "o until ahout Fay T had been keeping track of 
rryself very carefully, hut then I got very husy with the alum 
ni reunion, and the Girl Scouts carp and forgot when things 
were supposed to happen, ^he very first day of the "Brownie 
camp, Aug. 16, T fainted d°ad away--soretMnc I have never 
done before in my life. I thought it odd, hut decided it 
was due to nervous strain and that my period was delayed two 
or three days, -"hen Joe got home that night, he began to 
calculate and discovered I had figured all wrong and was 
"ast due rnre than a week, Te certainly sweated out that 
week! when nothing haonaned we oradually 'became firmly 
oonvinced that we had "hafl it", as they say. 

I did go to the doct -r hefore T wen+ on the trip 
as T had heen having pains, which he 'iagnosed as intestinal 
He gave me pills for them, told me to go on the trip and h*ve 
a good tire and not worry, which T did. He also gave re sore 
pills for ^ nasea and fatigue— which were just vonderful as 
this was the first automobile trio I'd ever heen on that r 
actually enjoyed the driving! 

And so here I am, feeling wonderful, and quite 
apparantly going to have a bahv. "'.hat a fu-my life' 
I do feel wonderful, hut I notice little changes, i can'T 
eat as much at one time — I have a good dinner, and -/hen I 
ar almost finished, T suddenly feel like r. ve had enough and 
that s that. As a result I eat substantial 10 a.m. and 4 pr 

reals. Also, I get tired much faster than I used to. ' ' 

Also, I've cor-letelv los' my taste for coffee, beer and 

whisky j 



I - 


I j 

.3 ri 


- ■ 










i ■ 

Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

106 Woodrow Street Yellow Springs, Ohio 

Tell, y/^/rV your letter yesterday , Fummie, was 
just wonderful., we are both delighted the' "house has been 
settled. An* to should work out so well. "^ %■?$ 
very, very happy ahrut it. "hen I read it, I was so excited 

I wanted to call you rich+ away, A.nd then I thought t 
would kill two birds with one stone, ^or your plana cer- 
tainly suit me quite well J It had be^n in the back of rry 
m:nd that you might be moving just when I was going to have 
a baby. But this couldn't vork out better— because Fummie 
nil have to core out V-ereJ "Whatever would t ^ with p 
babv all by myself' J ' " 

And your trio sounded like so much fun. I was so 
glad to hear about Uncle Bo as T had been wondering how thev 
jrere making out The last I heard from birr was in July and 
he_sounded pretty wor-ied about I'M . I want to wite' to 
Ffeinie and will this weeV, but you could have the fun of' 
writing to Unele Bo. Or do you think I should?? 

Our trio was simolv randerful. It seemed mueSi 
longer than two weeks because we did so ranv ^if^erent things. 
Now Orleans is a tremendous olace, and I thought of you every 
time T saw the ironwork, which was practically constantly 
j e -vere thinking what fun it would be to have a lot of money 
to "buy a lot of iron and send it to vou just for kicks' 
he week in "Florida was also fun. It is entirely different 
than yt, Jauderdale. The r^ost fun was swimming in the Gnlf- 
beautiful blue-green water, rolling in for hundreds of yards 
in low breakers. I have never enjoyed swimming in t^e ocean' 
so much. On the way home we went to Great Smoky National 
Park— -wbat a place, we are already ■nl^n^mr to go back. w e 
d?dn't get to enjoy the views because the clouds were tcro 

l°Zl ^ + ^ e t° le areXis a ^ reat han ^aft center and we had 
a great time buying things. % go+ a lovely handwoven tabS- 

Xi ',v- P ° tterv vase ' and a Cherokee Indian basket, among " 

SfJXV^Yj! ? e havtt " ore ^^iture stores there fOatlinbeA 

with hand rtade furniture which is t*e most beautiful I have 

holse^h ,:i arS tryim t0 *^ OTe a »W - — furni,h a Iur 

The man is not ready with our hou^e estir-atP- *«* 
we are get+ing ea ff er.. Fow exasperating to be so mulb at 

d^iore^ 36 *' ™ CYl T?e * 11 lpt ™ *"' - — - anting 

+n +i. Q v ^ hQ ? un * av ^fore we went on the trio, we went 

to the National Air Show with the -vans'. That was a terrify 

thmno--'/e were both ve^v iimressed end t Vo-nV JJ 2- t ,, 

were with ». Tell, , t „£ onTcf%^ 4 ?'ri ^tv^I 

part of ^ =w% **♦? fU " y tMnS !»»•»*». The Ar^ * 
Part of the sbo, drar-atieeo a tactical ,roMe» using hell- 







' ■ 




r ! 




Mrs. Joseph E. Maloney, Jr. 

106 Woodrow Street Yellow Springs, Ohio 

copters. It /as very reali s + i c , with bombs going off, lots 
of BTrolee and noise, and as a climax they set off a simulated 
atom "horb. There was a great exnlosion an' smoke and fire 
billowed up in a huge puff. The crowd, easped as one, and. 
little Nell burst into tears! T got so .vorked up I couldn't 
stopped crying and Joe took ?e hack of the stands for awhilw. 
Of course, he and. Jouise were convinced it was because T 
was pregnant, and certainly T must have been overwrought 
from being tired and excited the previous few weeks.. %it 
really, recently T have become more and rore unset at seeing 
and reading about sucT- things — fh inking that all these 
wonderful things man has develQued and inv-nted, truly mira- 
culous things, are ^eally only -^or the nurnose of killing 
other Fen. )n the one hand, T know we rust defend ourselves 
acrainst communism, but on the other, I Just feel there must 
be another way. ^ut vhat. Oh dear, and there's nothing T 
can do, excuet in sue* a small way. 

Perhaps you 'now we've had. mite a time with false 
attacks on the town and college in the past year. The 
Fiddle of Sentember saw a congessional investigation In Payton 
which cleared both town and college, and now the attackers * 

are saying the investigation was a white-wash. What is hap- 
pening to us??? 

The most appalling thing just happened. T^e tele- 
phone rang, -nd the voice on the other *>nd asked me to bake 
two nnes for the annle butter festival October 1% i gaid 
I would, oh dear re whatever will T do!? 

Tell, Joe ,iust got back from the doctor. I feel so 
sorry for him. Fe had a cough when he got back from V* trim, 
and when it was no better Kondav and he felt badly, fr e ?ent 
to the doctor, Fe was told he had one of these insidious 
little viruses and that be should stay home and rest. Todav 

iSJFS ?r Jn ' ? "i 111 ha3 t} " e YiTU5 an < ha * to Stay home th- 
reat of the week. Poor Joe, and right after a vacation. 

I must stop this railing and fret lunch. T)Pr,<t 
worry about Fe taking care of myself, r am good at loading! 
And let us hear how the new house jfl co-ino-. r n thp rp :!j m B 

CiveU 6 ! «V*«**t of becoF^n, grandparents ^er^el^o^ * 
Give my love to TTncle Fik©« ' • 

Uu^^u^ **«7 *«^ *** k «•*. 6*£ 


***** +Ut? fbJL t **»XJt 

*£*i«- <xt6r>*c>~u b*. <&»utc&. feu; 

I " 

.■• . ■■ .-■_ ' 

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